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Bongs vs. Vaporizers: Which is more effective?

by Ambuj Sharma 26 Jul 2022
Bongs vs. Vaporizers: Which is more effective?

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of vaping, which refers to the process of using an electronic cigarette to ingest and exhale the vapor. The number of individuals who have shifted from smoking to vaping has increased significantly, and this trend is expected to continue. Between the conventional bongs vs. vaporizers that offer a modern touch, the latter seems to be winning.

The vaping business has seen significant growth, with sales estimated to have increased from around $1.75 billion in 2010 to over $3.5 billion in 2015. Bongs, however, are being supplanted by dry herb vaporizers as the preferred method of inhaling vaporized cannabis in key markets. 

A bong is a piece of smoking apparatus that may be used for a variety of narcotics. The bottom of the bong is designed to hold water, which is subsequently used to dilute the dense smoke that is consumed after it has passed through the bong. Because of how simple they are to use, bongs have quickly become the most popular way to smoke up since they were first introduced.


Technically speaking, bongs are a subcategory of the larger category of pipes known as water pipes. The water acts as a filter, removing impurities such as tar and other byproducts of combustion.

While compared to other consumption techniques, the scent will be less noticeable when using a bong. This is one of the advantages. Because of this, it is an ideal option to consider when discretion is required.

Although the smoke could be inconspicuous, bongs often come in really large sizes. Bear this in mind as you consider the many options for your equipment of choice. They are harder to conceal from family members or roommates due to their obvious nature.

In addition to this, beaker bongs tend to be more prone to breakage and are more costly. You will need to clean them on a regular basis, or else you will detect an unpleasant odor if you do not.

One of the many positive aspects is that they come in a broad range of forms and colors. There will be many people who have a collection, which may be considered an art collection.


Are you debating whether or not you should start vaping? Technology has been around for longer than one may imagine. The act of vaping does not include the combustion of cannabis but rather the heating of it.

After being cooked, the cannabis produces vapor, which contains active ingredients. On the market, you may get vapes that are either tabletop or portable vaporizers, with the latter being the more common option.

Vaping provides a wide range of possibilities, one of which is the use of concentrates like wax or shatter. E-liquids Vaporizers are one example of a technique that is suitable for use even by novices.

The majority of people are clueless when it comes to distinguishing between vaporizers and bongs, despite the fact that both are quite popular. A fast look at the following will provide you with all the information you want to understand the difference between the two:

Why does using a bong provide a much different effect than using a vaporizer?

Before I go into the answer to this question, I feel it's important to point out that in comparison, the operation of bongs vs. vaporizers are quite different from one another. When using a bong, one just lights the weed that is contained in the bowl and then attempts to take a hit of everything at once. 

A vaporizer, however, somehow doesn't burn the herbs; instead, it warms the cannabis (whether directly or by warming the air flowing through it), but it does not really burn or combust the substance. Therefore, there is no such thing as "smoking a vaporizer," as there is no physical smoke produced by the device.

Bongs vs. Vaporizers – Different High

The impact that you get while using a vaporizer would be different from the one that you feel when smoking a bong. This is because a vape uses a totally different way of heating the cannabis and delivering the cannabinoids within your body than smoking a bong does. There is no material difference between using a bong or a vaporizer for inhaling pure herbs since both devices are often used for this purpose without the addition of tobacco.

So, in terms of their effects, how exactly do bongs and vaporizers vary from one another? When smoking out of a bong, the standard procedure is to take one or two very large drags before putting the device away. Very shortly, the smoke from the cannabis will enter your body in its entirety. This might not be the same for you, depending on the kind of vaporizer that you use. 

For instance, a Volcano Vaporizer consists of a large balloon that draws in smoke from the device's chamber before releasing it for inhalation. Because you take in a large quantity of cannabis in a relatively short amount of time, this device is analogous to a bong. 

However, many vaporizers are intended to be smoked rather like a joint or a shisha (hookah). These vaporizers give you just several minutes to take as many pulls before they turn off automatically. Because you take in so much smoke in such a short amount of time, the effects of using a bong tend to be felt more quickly and intensely.

That being said, the impact it has on you will change once it has already made contact with you. Even if you are utilizing the same chemical, the impact that it has on both your mind and your body will vary depending on how it is introduced into your body. When you smoke (good) cannabis out of a bong, the high you experience may be pretty clear at times, but more often than not, it will make you feel unforgiving and heavy. This is because the bong magnifies the effects of the high. The impact of using a vaporizer is extremely distinct from that of smoking or vaping high-quality cannabis.

The effect of using a vape is often considerably more distinct, less heavy (although it is still highly powerful), and less overpowering than smoking or vaping high-quality cannabis. This might be partly explained by the fact that terpenes remain far more intact while you vape your pot as opposed to burning it, and the latest research has shown that terpenes (the substances that give your weed its flavor and scent) can also have an effect on the high. Vaping your marijuana instead of smoking is a growing trend in the cannabis industry.

  • The Head High

  • It is like a cognitive high, in which your imaginative ideas, your perception of objects, your fragrance, taste, and mood all get enhanced in a positive manner. You will experience a high that is unparalleled, and the vast majority of people who vape report having this sort of high, regardless of the strain or type of concentrates that they've smoked.

  • The State of Body High

  • The body high will make your mind feel foggy as it relaxes all of your muscles, but it won't do anything for your mood. It's almost as if endorphins are surging through your body, and you simply wish to lie down on the sofa and not move a muscle. 

    Patients who take medicinal marijuana for conditions such as anxiety, depression, and pain find that the body high is the most beneficial effect. In most cases, the impacts of smoking cannabis using a bong will last for three to four hours, if not more.

    Benefits of Bongs 

    A bong is often regarded as the sole authentic cannabis smoking device. It is difficult to picture the stoner culture without bongs since they are the only guaranteed method to go completely stoned out of your mind. Between bongs vs. vaporizers, a bong offers a few clear benefits. You don't have to make sure you have power or charge the batteries. 

    Another major benefit is that cleaning a bong is often considerably simpler than cleaning a vaporizer since the latter cannot be simply soaked in hot water or flushed with a cleaning solution. Additionally, although bongs may shatter if you toss them, there are no electrical parts that may malfunction without warning. Therefore, a bong is often more dependable if you handle it carefully and correctly. 

    In Addition to that, many bongs are far less costly than vaporizers, albeit this is not a fair comparison since there are both inexpensive and expensive bongs. But generally speaking, vaporizers cost more than bongs.

    A bong is a convenient and enjoyable method to consume marijuana. You may be able to cool down your smoke and filter out harshness with the use of built-in water chambers, downstream, and percolators. However, smoking a bong still exposes you to potentially harmful compounds like tar and resin, which may enter your lungs. Smoking more effectively may be achieved by using a filter.

    Certain bong filters are made expressly to filter and block out any potentially harmful pollutants, tar, and resin accumulation in your bong. Additionally, using a filter will prevent loose leaves, sometimes referred to as "scooby nibbles," from entering your mouth via your bong. For a cleaner, better-tasting hit, find out everything about a marijuana filter.

    When you utilize the filter, there is also no worry. It firmly attaches to the inside of the bong's mouthpiece, so you may smoke as usual. These filters are effective; after only a few applications, you'll see that your filter has darkened. That is all the unpleasant material that, if you weren't utilizing the marijuana filter, would get up in your lungs.

    The Benefits of Vaporizers

    The largest and most apparent benefit of a vaporizer is that it produces no actual smoke since there is no combustion. This implies that there won't be any harmful gasses from burning a plant, and there won't be any tar or other filth that goes in your lungs! To protect their lungs, many individuals who need to quit smoking (cigars or joints) opt for vaporizers. 

    There is no question about it: using a vaporizer rather than a bong is preferable from a health perspective for your lungs (although an effective bong also filters and blocks out many unnecessary particles, such as the likes of tar, making it a relatively cleaner way to smoke).

    Vapor has been found to taste much better. It would be best if you had anything that tastes significantly better while you bake since you are concentrating on the end result. Well, if you use a bong, you are not granted this right. Why continue to smoke in a way that prevents you from enjoying some amazing flavors?

    The use of a bong heats the marijuana to very high temperatures, causing some of the terpenes to boil. Therefore, by the time these terpenes reached your lungs, they had already been vaporized and lost their impact due to the boiling process.

    However, using a vaporizer prevents your marijuana from going through the same procedure that eliminates typical marijuana terpenes. You won't taste more smoke; instead, you'll get the best-tasting sweet flavor. The Lotus Vape or DaVinci IQ are the only top-tier vaporizers you need if you've already started vaping but still want to enjoy a really outstanding flavor. You can be sure that if you give those two a try, you won't ever go bonging again.

    Since there is no smoke engaged in using a vaporizer, your teeth will remain cleaner than they would be if you used a bong. This is another significant benefit that vaporizers have over bongs. If you've just brushed your teeth and don't want any residue left on them, it's best to use the vaporizer rather than the bong when you're in bed. 

    Weed is used less in vaporizers. This is unquestionably the primary reason to convert from bong pounding to vaping. Because they are unable to regulate their usage, many individuals spend a lot of money on marijuana. As their bodies get more used to marijuana, many people also increase their consumption. Numerous cannabinoids included in cannabis are often quite powerful.

    You will need to use more marijuana while using a bong to make up for the lost ingredients that provide a high. This is because when you blow into a bong, you lose cannabinoids. The majority of the terpenes will also be destroyed in addition to the THC.

    If you decide on a nice vape, you won't need more than one gram of drive grounded hub for a session of dense vapor that lasts for 15 minutes. You'll wind up using less marijuana and getting really incredible outcomes.

    Some vapes are designed to aid you in deliberately micro dosing your herb. In other words, it will cost you less than 0.1g to bake with a buddy.

    When you use such a tiny amount of marijuana to create such a huge impact, it is important to keep in mind that all of the terpenes and cannabinoids will still be present in their original form.

    Through vaping, you may avoid rolling joints whenever you want to get high, saving you money. You may put a tiny quantity of marijuana in the vaporizer and stay high all day.

    Additionally, a lot of people ask us which is best for wax or dabs: a bong or a vaporizer. Our response: Using an oil bong (dab rig) is the only practical method to smoke concentrates, but it's 2022, so anything is conceivable! There are vaporizers that are designed specifically for wax or dabs, for instance, the "dab straw," however you can also vape concentrates with many vaporizers that are designed for dry herb by utilizing vape wool!

    Combining The Use of a Bong With a Vaporizer

    Hold on, what? Why would you choose to use a bong in addition to your vaporizer? Stoners are increasingly turning to vaporizing as a healthier alternative to smoking, which has contributed to the rise in the popularity of vaporizing. Despite the fact that vaping is healthier, more wholesome, and has a better taste than traditional smoking, there are still certain drawbacks associated with vaping. 

    For example, it is rather dry and somewhat hot, which might irritate a person's bronchi and windpipe, causing them to have difficulty breathing. Especially while using vaporizers that run on butane (vaporizers powered by a butane flame instead of a battery). 

    There is, however, a workaround for this problem, and it involves combining your vape with a bong and installing a water filtering system inside your vaporizer. Because of this, the vapor will be conditioned with moisture and cooled down before it hits your throat, making each hit a far more pleasurable and less irritating experience.

    Which Should You Try First, A Bong or A Vaporizer?

    Many individuals who have never smoked marijuana before are curious about the relative merits of using a bong versus a vaporizer for their very first experience with the substance. If this is your first time smoking pot, be sure to take it slow and not overdo it. It doesn't really make a difference whether you take marijuana for the first time using a bongs or a vaporizer; what's important is getting the right amount of THC. 

    Simply take a very little hit, wait a few minutes, and then see the effects it has on you. If you feel like you can take more, then feel free to take another pull. Caution is warranted since the effects of cannabis are notorious for sneaking up on users and coming on unexpectedly strong. Smoking excessively for your first session is not harmful, but it may be quite unpleasant. 

    Having said that, using your vaporizer rather than your bong is typically going to make it a little bit simpler for you to correctly dose your medication. But, on the other hand, if you've never used a bong before, it's quite unlikely that you'll be capable of taking a massive hit from a bong without coughing up your lungs!

    Is It Preferable to Vape Marijuana Rather Than Smoke It?

    The concept of "better" is obviously relative, yet vaping might work for you. For instance, if you are searching for a safer and more discrete method to take, or if you are a medical cannabis user, then it is most likely for you.

    If, on the other hand, your primary goal is to become fully stoned, smoking is the most cost-effective method to achieve that goal; nonetheless, you should be aware of the drawbacks associated with the habit.

    Your decision is important, but I think every pot user ought to at least try inhaling cannabis vapor to determine whether they appreciate the experience. The effects of inhaling vaporized marijuana vs smoking traditional cigarettes are often incomparable.

    When using a high-quality vaporizer, the flavor is much more distinct, and it is easier to differentiate the flavors of various strains. Those who are flavor chasers who switch to vaping will have a difficult time going back to burning their expensive buds and terpenes.


    There are a number of compelling arguments to support making the switch between bongs vs. vaporizer. If you want to keep your lungs in good health, you should avoid smoking at all costs since it puts them in a susceptible position.

    Also, when you are on the go, you can discreetly reach for your vape pen to get high without bringing too much attention to yourself. So, you are losing out on a lot if you are simply pounding the bong at this point in your life. 

    All in all, the use of bongs seems to be easily getting replaced by vaping. To a fair extent, in the debate of bongs vs. vaporizers, vaporizers are gaining an upper hand, and understandably so!

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