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Different Strains Of Weed That You Can Use With One-Hitters

by Tokeplanet Staff 29 Aug 2022
Different Strains Of Weed That You Can Use With One-Hitters

One of the several instruments you can use to consume cannabis is a one-hitter pipe. Bongs, joints, vapes, and pipes also fall into this ever-increasing group as people find new ways to enjoy their weed.

However, one-hitter pipes are not a new invention. They have been around for a very long time. Chillums, which have a narrow clay bowl on one end, are a popular type of one-hitters. They were first traditionally used by Hindu monks. Today, you can find traditional one-hitter pipes and more modern designs.

As the name implies, you can usually only get one hit from a one-hitter pipe. They are great for microdosing cannabis and conserving your stash. With a one-hitter, you'll likely not lose much functionality from taking a hit. Instead, you'll be more mindful of how much cannabis you consume. Also, one-hitter pipes are pretty small. So, if you prefer to smoke cannabis discreetly, one-hitter pipes can be your go-to.

Best One-Hitter Weed Strains

Looking for that strain that could get you going after just one hit is a lot of fun. Using a one-hitter is one of the best ways to measure different weed strains and their potencies. You may find a particular strain that makes you quit after one hit - a 'one-hitter quitter.'

Depending on your weed tolerance and the high you want to experience, below are some weed strains you would love with a one-hitter. Just be sure to try them with one-hitters that are of good quality and have great designs to maximize the effect of the weed.

Sensi Star

This strain of weed is one of the more potent ones and if you are a newbie to weed smoking, you would be wise to use it with caution. Using it with a one-hitter pipe is a great way to regulate the dosage. It has strong relaxing and sedating effects, so it might not be ideal for taking on a work day, or you might find yourself sleeping at the office.

However, taking one hit of it may not leave you with such severe effects. More likely, it will calm your nerves before a high stake office presentation or an interaction with an annoying boss. This indica marijuana strain is fairly popular among those that take weed to help them with insomnia, stress, and anxiety.

If you are a more experienced weed user, you have probably heard of this strain as one of the most potent marijuana strains in the world. This makes it an ideal candidate for a one-hitter and the perfect weed to make many quit after a single hit.

AK 47

The intense name of this strain might make people unfamiliar with it scared of taking more than a single hit. But the AK 47 strain has more of a relaxing and inspiring effect than an intense euphoria-like one. It still leaves a strong impression on you after a single hit and may leave you more alert throughout the day.

You might feel your creative juices flowing more freely and your nerves much calmer after one hit of this weed strain. As for the origin of the strain, it is a Sativa dominant strain that happens to be a hybrid of Afghan, Colombian, Thai, and Mexican cannabis. As you can imagine, this means that it has an intense burst of flavor that will hit you as soon as you draw on your pipe.

Also, don't be surprised, as you may feel a little more talkative and hungry after just a hit or two of this strain.


Born from a legendary combination of acclaimed marijuana strains, OG Kush and Sour Diesel, this strain specifically affects your mind. It is named after the reported effect it has on you feeling like a headband wrapped around the crown of your head.

It combines the flavors as well as the effectiveness of both its parents. You can expect to feel something different when you take a hit of this one. However, unlike its parents, Headband has a more creeping effect, so you might not feel the effect at first. Be careful not to feel tempted into taking more than a few hits.

You might end up with an intense euphoria, buzz of energy, and so much creativity that you don't know what to do with it. It is perfect if you lack energy and have a busy day ahead of you. One hit from your one-hitter pipe before you step out could be all you need.

God Bud

While Headband gives a creeping high, expect God bud to hit you with full force immediately after you have had a puff of it. Its potency may account for its name as it is seen as one of the most superior strains in terms of effect.

God bud is a hybrid Indica strain made from Purple Skunk and Hawaiian. It has fruity flavors ranging from pine to lavender and berry and is one of the more palatable smelling marijuana strains. Interestingly, God bud is popular among medical marijuana users for its insomnia healing properties.

Summarily, it might not be best to take even one hit of the God bud strain before an active day. But, if you are looking for a fast-acting sedative, God bud has you covered. You'll indeed have a pleasant experience on a weekend night with just you, your one-hitter, and God bud.

White Russian

White Russian is made by crossing one of the other big hitters on our list with a famous hybrid. Its parents are the AK 47 and White Widow strains, and this weed has been reported at various times in the cannabis industry as one of the most potent strains in the world.

As a result of this, this weed has the potential to make you end your day with just a hit. It has a stimulating effect mentally and a highly noticeable aroma ranging from fruity to skunky. Also, it has quite a long-lasting effect. So it is a great idea to use this strain with a one-hitter to regulate your use.

Furthermore, if you are a grower or want to be one, you will realize that White Russian is very easy to grow and does not have a very leafy structure. With a one-hitter pipe, you'll be able to manage your White Russian herb and maximize its effects effectively.


The comic name of this Indica-dominant strain provides comic relief on its own. In addition, the herb provides relief for conditions such as depression and anxiety. It was genetically engineered by combining Lamb's Breath and Great White Shark, hence the name.

Additionally, Sharksbreath has impressive levels of THC, making it a potential one-hitter quitter strain depending on your tolerance. Medical marijuana users mostly take it for its pain relief, anxiety-reducing, and energizing qualities. This strain might make you a little more sociable after a hit from your pipe.

So, if you are going for a social function you are not too excited about, a single hit of Sharksbreath should improve everything. And there is no need to worry about how this will leave your mouth smelling despite its name. It has a sweet and sour flavor and smell which, while not the greatest, is certainly not the worst a weed strain can have.

Willy's Wonder

This is undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed weed strains in the cannabis world. Even if you know little about cannabis strains, there is a very high chance that you have at least heard of Willy's Wonder. That is because of its legendary status and reputation that precedes it.

Even with a one-hitter, a newbie smoker may not be able to handle the effects of Willy's Wonder. You may need to try milder strains and slowly work your way to Willy's Wonder to show just how potent it is.

Willy's Wonder is an Indica-dominant strain that is a burst of colors, scents, and taste that could account at least partly for how potent it is. It is a bit rare and may be expensive if you come across it, but the effect is worth it. You get a feeling of euphoria and numbness from using Willy's Wonder that is matched by very few strains.

Furthermore, if you get a chance to grow this strain, it will yield an immense harvest if grown under the right conditions. And it is very easy to grow and is built for indoor growing.


Goo is another hybrid Indica strain resulting from the sweet Blueberry strain and a more earthy-flavored Hindu kush. The deep feeling of physical relaxation you experience after using this strain may be akin to a gooey feeling, as its name suggests.

Rather than a mind or mental high, Goo affects your body more effectively, giving you a body high where you feel sedated and calm. It might even cause you to sleep and help with mild to chronic pain, anxiety, and uncontrollable muscle spasms.

Also, Goo is great for marijuana users who need help with their appetite. It usually leaves users feeling very hungry, but you'll need to be careful. Because this strain will easily give you the munchies, you may not like the aftermath. This will be the case, especially if you are watching your weight or diet.

Goo is the perfect strain to use with a one-hitter. Unless you want to feel completely numb or get straight-up knocked out, a single hit is enough to work its magic. This is especially true if you are a lightweight or new smoker. You'll need to develop more weed tolerance before doing more hits.


Similar to the paralyzing effects of a blowfish, the Blowfish strain takes over your mind and body completely. It is one of those strains that deliver both a body and a mental high. An Indica dominant strain, its THC levels are some of the highest among weed strains.

In terms of the mental effects, Blowfish will blow your mind even after a puff. You may experience your consciousness expanding and some trippy feelings. This makes it great for unwinding and a bit scary if overdosed.

Physically, it delivers a body-high characterized by numbness and possible couchlock that keeps you in a spot having the time of your life. After a stressful day, it is the perfect one-hitter weed to unwind and have a good time. You can take it with your friends, each taking a hit and then enjoying the unwinding effects together.


Many weed strains are named after their effect on the body; Trainwreck is no exception. We consider this strain the perfect one-hitter weed because its effect almost literally hits you like a train. Not to worry, though; you won't be getting paranoid or fidgety from smoking this strain with a one-hitter. You are more likely to feel awakened, reinvigorated, and inspired after using it.

Trainwreck is a product of breeding Afghan indicas with Mexican and Thai sativas, and its pine and lemon aroma is a product of its origin. Along with other strains in this list, it has a high THC level that you will likely feel soon after you smoke it. Its effects on the mind make it very easy for newbies to enter fits of paranoia and hallucination in the event of an overdose.

Furthermore, Trainwreck tends to leave you feeling deeply relaxed and happy after the initial feeling of enlightenment and creativity. This makes it some people's go-to for issues like PTSD, social anxiety, and depression. One or two hits are ideal for an average smoker to reap all of these benefits.

Platinum Kush

This is the result of the OG Kush and Afghan Marijuana strains. Platinum Kush has a strong cerebral and equally potent effect on the body. You feel its strong relaxing effects immediately after consuming it, so you can easily tell after smoking a one-hitter that you don't need more.

However, with just a single hit packed in your one-hitter pipe, you may be able to enjoy the uplifting feeling it gives without any bad sides. It can help with issues like muscle spasms, insomnia, and migraine. But it can have side effects like dry eyes and thirst or dry mouth and throat.

Its high may not last for a very long time, but if you are looking for an insomnia remedy, it will last long enough to put you to sleep. Be careful when making your purchase, though, so that you don't get disappointed. Growing habits and methods affect the resulting effectiveness of this strain, so you might not get the intense effects if you purchase the harvest of a bad grower.


The magical effects of this strain of the mind buttress its name. It is great for people with Attention Deficit Disorder or other feelings like boredom and lack of interest. This is your candidate if depression holds you down or prevents you from getting stuff done.

In some way, the feeling it gives can be described as extreme euphoria, self-awareness, and focus. It is euphoric but not in the sense that one feels jittery or loses focus and starts to fall down a rabbit hole of thoughts and imagination. A one-hitter smoke of this may be all you need to get up and start doing something productive if you are experiencing a lazy day or finding it hard to get into the right headspace.

However, you might find the aroma a little repugnant, another reason a one-hitter dose will be ideal. The taste makes up for its smell by being pleasant and palatable. Beginners should go easy with this strain or work their way up to it. Also, using more than one hit or a few more if you are an OG smoker may leave you with headaches and minor paranoia.

Pure Afghan

As you may assume from the name, Pure Afghan is not an easy strain to find as it comes exclusively from a particular region in Afghanistan. It is one of the few strains on this list that is purely indica. Therefore, as expected, it has a slower hitting time than other strains. After a few minutes, it hits rather suddenly and brings a slight feeling of pressure on the head.

Pure Afghan is a strain that gives more downbeat energy. It gives such an intensely relaxing feeling that you might feel like stretching out on the floor and just staying still. Depending on your tolerance and how much of the flower you consume, you fall into a deep sleep.

As a result, it would be a bad idea to take even a hit before going to work, as you'll likely feel like doing nothing. However, it is great for quiet relaxation when you have nothing much to do and don't need to be productive.

You may feel some of your senses getting a bit distorted. Time gets slower and your reality might look a little like a dream. If you are new to weed, a one-hitter pipe dose of this weed strain should give you a great introduction to cannabis.

Godfather OG

If you think the name of this strain is a tad bit intimidating, you should know that it is an accurate representation. Newbies are strongly advised to either refrain from using this strain or use a one-hitter to ration the quantity meticulously. Godfather OG has its high levels of THC to thank for its potency.

It was derived from two OG strains named Alpha OG and XXX OG and is nicknamed the 'Don of all OGs,' cementing its impressive reputation. Although indica-dominant, it is about 40% sativa and gives the tell-tale mental rush of energy associated with sativa strains. In addition, its effects are almost immediate, and if you are in a down state, you will feel a significant improvement in your mood.

You'll progress to a euphoric high with calming physical effects from that initial happiness. You'll take life much less seriously after smoking a small amount of the Don of all OGs with a one-hitter pipe.

Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze is a sativa heavy-hitter that some users revere as legendary. Most weed users with this strain advise a newbie to steer clear of it. It has made several lists of the most potent marijuana strains on earth. So if you are looking for a one-hitter-quitter, this might just be it.

People who experience anxiety and muscle spasms might not find their one-hit experience with this strain favorable. You might become more jittery and find yourself in fits of laughter or worsened muscle spasms. But on the more positive side of things, you will find yourself energized, happier, and able to enjoy things better.

This strain originates from crossing Ghost OG and Neville's Wreck, which are also very potent strains. Therefore, it is not hard to imagine why Ghost Train Haze is best smoked with one-hitters first.

Why You Should Use a One Hitter Pipe

You might wonder why you should try some of these legendary weed strains with a one-hitter. After all, setting up a desktop vape or rolling some blunts the old-fashioned way would hit harder. Below are a few reasons to try them with one-hitters instead.

Reduce Your Tolerance

Perhaps, you cannot imagine a few hits of any strain of weed being too strong for you. In that case, you already probably know that you have an extremely high tolerance for weed. Most pro smokers get to this stage.

In a way, this is a good thing as you won't find yourself easily losing your senses after a smoking session. However, it can take some of the thrills of discovering a potent strain away. So, you might consider using a one-hitter pipe for a while to lower your tolerance before returning to your joints and bongs.

Be More Conscious of Your Smoking

Cannabis consumers smoke weed less when using a one-hitter pipe naturally because it can only contain so much weed. And the process of re-packing it to take more hits is just too stressful.

So, if you think your smoking habits are getting out of hand and you'd like to take it a bit easier on your lungs, one-hitters might be the way to go instead of trying and failing to quit entirely. You'll be able to ration your herb. You'll also be more conscious every time you whip out your pipe to take that one hit.

They Are Discreet and Portable

This is the biggest perk of using a one-hitter. You don't need to lug it around like a desktop bongs or vape. Also, depending on the design, it'll be very discreet. It may look like a pen or just an accessory on your keychain. This makes it great for covert smokers who just need a hit or two to carry them through the day.

Hard to Overdose

Almost every weed smoker has OD'd at one point or another in their weed-smoking journey. Depending on how potent the weed strain is, one hit from a bong may not do it, but two may be too much for you. Same with a vape or a puff from a blunt. It is pretty hard to overdose with a one-hitter. So you know you are most likely safe if you take a puff of your usual weed strain with a one-hitter.

Furthermore, you can safely explore new strains of weed. With strains you are unfamiliar with, such as some of the ones listed above, you are never sure which quantity will do it for you. It's better to try these strains with one-hitters so that you can carefully judge their effectiveness before overdosing on them. You can also use the one-hitter to compare the potency of various strains and find your poison.


A one-hitter pipe is great for taking a quick hit on the move. Although it may not be the most popular means of smoking weed, it certainly has its perks. One hitter pipes are simple. A classic one hitter is made of the bowl end for where your ground cannabis goes and a mouthpiece end for smoking. But these simple accessories can significantly change your smoking life.

They may not be the best choice if you want an entire smoking session. But it does not hurt to have a one-hitter and other smoking accessories like your bongs and rolling papers. You may already be familiar with some of the above strains. However, smoking them with a one-hitter will change your experience with them.

Whenever you need a more potent flower to smoke with your one-hitter, you can simply buy it online. Reputable brands like Exhale Wellness sell some of the most popular and potent strains available. After all, trying your one-hitter pipe with different weed strains is the best way to enjoy its use.

Also, some new one-hitters come with designs like self-cleaning and smell-proof technology. Some potent strains listed above come with strong not-so-appealing smells. So, you have another reason to try them with one-hitter pipes! So don't hesitate to buy the best one-hitter pipe you can find to step up your smoking experience.

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