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How To Grind Without A Grinder-a Complete Guide

by Tokeplanet Staff 27 Nov 2022
Herb Grinder

In case you have ever found yourself in a pickle right when you're about to light up your cannabis, don't ever think you're alone. Though it's good to have a herb grinder for a smooth, consistent smoking session, you don't necessarily need a grinder for breaking your cannabis. 

A herb grinder helps to shred or grind your flower smoothly and into smaller pieces. Regardless of your choice of smoking method, you can't smoke an intact bud for it's not feasible. The airflow will be blocked if you place an entire nug on your rolling paper and try to roll it. Though an ungrounded flower placed in the bowl of a bong will burn, it will still block the airflow and result in an uncomfortable and unsatisfactory hit. 

However, you shouldn't worry about how to grind weed because there are quite a few methods that you can use (that doesn't involve a Herb grinder) to ensure a smooth flow.

How To Grind Weed?

Here is a list of ways that you can grind weed.

Make The Most Of Your Hands:

If you don't have the necessary resources, this is the best and easiest way out. You don't need anything extra and it's obviously convenient. Though a super fine consistency can't be achieved, the job will be accomplished. 

Start by washing your hands, separate the flowers and place them on your smoking vessel(glass pipes or nails). Try to be the most detail-oriented and you'll be left with the smallest pieces possible. It will be easier to roll a joint with a fine grind. 

How About A Coffee Grinder?

A brew grinder can get the job done and that too with great ease, this will prove beneficial if you have a massive quantity of cannabis. Any electric grinder or coffee grinder will shred the flower into a fine grind that will suit your taste. You can grind a whole batch of cannabis following this method. 

When you place a larger quantity of cannabis flower into the coffee grinder, the blades won't shred the flower into a fine dust. You'll have better control over the grind. However, one might wonder what is the desirable size or coarseness of cannabis that should be achieved. Well, there isn't any. It is based on your preference. You will be able to pack your bowl or joint with more herb if you have a fine grind. 

Start by separating the cannabis flower from its stem, load it into the coffee grinder's chamber. The consistency of your grind will be based on the coarseness setting on the coffee machine. Cover the flower with lid and let the grinder run until smokable pieces of evenly sized cannabis is achieved. Clean your coffee grinder afterwards else you will be left behind with sticky residue. 

Can Cheese Graters Work?

A cheese grater can work well for you if you don't have a grinder. You can purchase cannabis graters from the market. However, if you're using a box grater that comes with multiple options, choose the smallest size blade that is available. Hold each piece of cannabis bud against the grater ( place the grater on a clean surface), rub the nug in back and forth motion against the blade to break it easily. You must be very careful and not end up hurting yourself. 

The Old Mortar and Pestle:

You can go old school and simply pull out your mortar and pestle. Place your dry herbs in the mortar (resembles a bowl) and grind it with the club-like, blunt object (a pestle). Though a mortar and pestle isn't super accessible, it can work wonderfully on dry herbs. It will prove effective to break up the trichomes present in a cannabis flower. You should gently apply pressure on the flower for it to grind smoothly. 

Give The Cannabis A Good Shake:

Another easy way to grind the cannabis is by placing the flower inside an empty medicine bottle with a coin. When you give the bottle a shake, the coin will begin to ricochet off of the bill bottle's walls and separate the bud in the process. 

Yes, it isn't as effective as the above mentioned techniques but this DIY method for grinding weed works well to separate the kief from the flower. The kief will be collected on the walls of the bottle. Use a quarter or a nickel for this because they are heavier than a penny. Place the nickel on the bottom of the bottle and load the pill bottle with a small quantity of the flower. The static charge will start to do its work as you give the bottle a shake. 

You can't smoke unground cannabis flowers for it doesn't work. If you can't find a herb grinder or simply don't have one, use these DIY techniques for the best solution. 

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