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How To Pack A Bowl?

by Tokeplanet Staff 22 Nov 2022
How To Pack A Bowl?

If you wish to experience the classic way cannabis is consumed, then you have to learn how to smoke a bowl. Cannabis culture is incomplete without the use of bowls. Regardless of the several ways that you can smoke cannabis, packing a bowl and smoking a pipe seems to be the most common. Be it packing a pipe and enjoying a peaceful smoking session or doing so for a group of friends, you need to be aware of the basic rules that apply when it comes to smoking a pipe. 

Today, we wish to discuss how you can pack a bowl for bong or pipe, the correct way. 

What Are The Different Parts Of  A Cannabis Pipe?

The features of a cannabis pipe are the same as that of a traditional glass pipe. What does the pipe consist of?

Bowl:  It resembles the shape of a round basin. This is where you will pack your cannabis. 

Chamber:  The smoke travels from the bowl towards the mouthpiece. Chamber is the space between the bowl and the mouthpiece.

Mouthpiece: This is where you place your mouth and draw the smoke into your lungs. 

Carb: A hole can be found on the side of the bowl. It helps to regulate the flow of air while inhaling by simply covering/uncovering the bowl. 

Borosilicate glass is used for the construction of cannabis pipes, however,  one can find cannabis pipes crafted from ceramics, wood, metal, and other kinds of material. Cannabis pipes widely vary in size and shape, not to mention the functionality, availability, and complexity. 

The most easily accessible pipe in the market is a 'spoon', it gets its name from its shape. If you're new to the world of cannabis, begin with a spoon. They are easy to use, convenient, small, and affordable. 

What is a Bowl?

The primary component present in a bong or a pipe is called a bowl. You will pack your cannabis in this rounded-out part. The hole present at the bottom leads to the pipe's body. When the cannabis packed in the bowl is ignited, it travels from the mouthpiece. The smoke travels through the pipe right into your lungs but is passed out of the carb hole first. 

Based on your choice of smoking equipment, a bowl will function and appear differently. A pipe will have a hole at the side of the bowl. It plays a massive role to control the flow of air. When you inhale, the carb hole will clear the smoke inside the chamber. If you are smoking a bong, there will be no carb hole. You've to slide your bowl in and out the downstem of the bong to control the airflow. Check before you light up the bowl. 

What Will You Need To Pack A Bowl?

If you prefer smoking cannabis out of your pipe, then you will need some kind of equipment to heat the bowl, like a Dab Torch. Choose a traditional butane lighter for this, in case you don't prefer the butane flavor choose a non-butane lighter or heating element. You need optimal heating control for vaporizing or combusting a bowl. 

There are cannabis users who use hemp wicks to light their bowls, a hemp string covered in wax will light very easily, doesn't cause any undesirable aftertaste, and burns evenly. 

You have to prepare your bowl properly before you smoke cannabis, this will maximize the flow of air. An even smoke will be delivered once you have mastered the art of packing a bowl. You can achieve this by breaking down the dry herb, use a grind to get a smooth, fine consistency. If you do this a homogeneous airflow can be obtained. 

In short, you'll require -

  • Grinder
  • Cannabis
  • Tamping tool
  • Hemp wick or lighter 
  • Bong with a bowl or a pipe 

How To Pack A Pipe?

All you need is a couple of minutes and you'll be all set to pack the bowl. 

  • Grind Your Cannabis:

  • Cannabis buds will not deliver their fullest potential if they aren't ground properly, you won't achieve a smooth smoking experience. You can only accomplish this using a grinder. Place your medium-sized nug where the grinding teeth of the grinder are, twist it back and forth. 

    The alternative to a grinder is a pair of sharp, clean scissors or your hands. 

  • Packing The Bowl:

  • Once your cannabis is ground, pick a pinch of weed carefully between your fingertips, gently place it within the bowl and flatten it out using your fingers. You can use a tamping tool or the flat end of your lighter for this. You can't pack the bowl too tightly; this will cause difficulty when you draw the smoke through the bowl. Overpacking a bowl will result in clogging the hole of the bowl at the bottom.

    Place your pipe on top of a tray or a plate. This will enable you to gather the pieces of weed that have fallen during the procedure. 

  • Smoke:

  • Hold your pipe in one hand and cover the carb hole with your finger or thumb, place the pipe on your lips. Now using the other hand, light the bowl. The moment your weed sparks, pull away the flame and inhale gently. Remove your thumb when you're ready to inhale the smoke. Remove your thumb covering the carb hole, take a big drag. The built up smoke inside the pipe will flow into your lungs. Once the cannabis is all burnt, dump the ash and then repack it for the next cannabis session.

    Follow these easy steps and you too will easily pack a bowl. 

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