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by Tokeplanet Staff 11 Sep 2022


For stoners who are prone to accidents and those who want to carry their water pipes with them wherever they go, the invention of smoking accessories made of silicone was a real game changer. Silicone bongs can withstand the drops, bangs, and dings involved in passing around a group of friends or regular use, so you won't have to worry about your friend dropping it and breaking your glass bong beyond repair. 

Food-grade silicone is a heat-resistant polymer that can survive boiling and is safe for smoking. Silicone is even used to make potholders and trivets that are intended to withstand high temperatures. After some initial hesitancy, most marijuana users fall in love with their silicone bongs because they are so lightweight and hard to break. The most frequent question is regarding silicone bong cleaning. Actually, it resembles cleaning a glass bong or glass pipe quite a bit. We're here to explain it and provide various different ways to make a clean bong.

If you're the proud owner of a silicone bong, you are well aware of the special benefits that silicone has over more conventional glass. The heat that the bong is subjected to each time you fire a hit makes silicone bongs incredibly resilient, flexible, and strong. Furthermore, silicone bongs have a reputation for being simpler to maintain than glass counterparts, allowing you to keep enjoying each hit as much as you did when you initially bought it.

And while we're on the subject of cleaning, it's important for silicone bong owners to know how to properly care for their item so that it continues to provide them with satisfying flavor and smooth airflow.

How to Clean a Silicone Bong

The two methods listed below have both been demonstrated to be extremely effective at cleaning a bong without causing any harm to it.

Method #1: The Dishwasher Method

One of the numerous benefits of silicone is that it can be cleaned in dishwashers. As a result, disassembling the complete bong and placing each piece on a different rack in your dishwasher is a simple way to clean it. If your dishwasher has a top rack, we advise utilizing it to prevent anything from falling through the rack and coming into contact with the hot base. Although silicone can withstand high temperatures, prolonged contact with the hot rods at the dishwasher's base could cause it to lose its shape.

While using the dishwasher is a nice idea, it might not be the best way to clean it because pesky dirt streaks can persist after washing.

Method #2: The Submerge Method

  1. Make a submersion station out of a basin or perhaps your bathtub.
  2. Pour some warm water into it and take Randy's Green Label Soaker Solution Cleaner, a non-toxic cleaning agent that works wonders on silicone bongs.
  3. Make the proper mixture of water and cleaning solution according to the bottle's directions, then leave the pieces to soak in overnight.
  4. The dirt that is still adhered to the bong should be readily removed the next morning with a silicone cleaning brush because the solution will have loosen the particles.
  1. Thoroughly rinse the bong, then put it back together.


Since silicone pipes are lightweight, strong, and can be compressed to fit in the smallest spaces, they are excellent for travel. Any contemporary stoner that smokes on the fly should have a silicone pipe in their toolkit, much like silicone bongs. Cleaning a bongs is quite similar to cleaning a silicone pipe. The same cleaning supplies and techniques outlined above are applicable. The only difference is that it's much smaller, therefore pipe cleaners will be needed to thoroughly clean up that tiny space and get into the inside corners. Cleaning silicone pipes by hand yields the greatest results.

Without silicone cleaner, how to clean a silicone pipe

You should be aware by this point that you can restore your pipe to new condition without the use of a specialized silicone cleaner. Specialty cleaners are useful to have, but you won't always have them on hand. If that applies to you, try the warm water and dishwashing liquid or rubbing alcohol methods. To get into tight spots like the air carb and mouthpiece, use a pipe cleaner dipped in rubbing alcohol. Try to resist the urge to use the dishwasher. Dishwashers just can't get enough water and cleaning force inside silicone pipes to clean the insides due to their tiny hole sizes. Really, all you're trying to prevent is a mess.

How to clean a silicone pipe without alcohol

If you don't have isopropyl alcohol, you can still use warm water and dishwashing liquid or the freezer method. All of these cleaning techniques are effective. If you smoke frequently, you should buy some rubbing alcohol when you go shopping for snacks so you have it on hand the next time you need to clean your silicone pipe, your herb grinder, or sticky fingers.


How frequently should a person clean their silicone bong is the main query we receive. That really depends on how frequently you use it. But keep in mind that you should clean it frequently even if you just use it once a month because it can gather dust that gets into the airflow channels and bowl, which is something nobody wants to breathe in.

If you use a bong frequently, you should ideally clean it once a week, never spending more than two weeks without a thorough cleaning.

A Clean Silicone Bong is Better Working Bong

In addition to being strong, resilient, and particularly beautiful, silicone bongs are also simple to clean. To continue enjoying them, it is necessary to clean them completely and frequently. The good news is that cleaning them is actually fairly simple, especially if you choose a powerful cleaning agent that does the dirty work for you.

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