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How to Smoke in a Hotel Room

by Tokeplanet Staff 26 Jul 2022
How to Smoke in a Hotel Room

Imagine planning a relaxing vacation only to discover that you are stuck in a non-smoking hotel room? Sounds stressful, right? Don't worry! We have got you covered with some of the frequently used tips and tricks for how to smoke in a hotel room that will save you from spending extra bucks over smoking fines and be convenient and time-saving.  

The key to smoking discreetly indoors is to minimize the quantity of noticeable smoke in the surroundings and mask the odor that the smoke produces. There are several methods for dealing with the smell, the smoke, or perhaps both. You will be able to light up peacefully in any hotel room where it would be safe to do so by being cautious about where and how you smoke and undertaking some fast cleaning when you're done. 

How to Smoke In a Hotel Room

I'm sure these tips and tricks will make you comfortable smoking in any hotel room. If not all, you must prepare as much as you can to save yourself from the embarrassment of getting caught. Let’s get started!

Get Yourself A Vape Pen

In a hotel room, vapes, commonly known as e-cigarettes, can be your best friend. The development of discreet vaping devices has considerably simplified life. Thanks to rampant innovation and technology, we can travel with these tiny devices that are user-friendly and require less human effort to operate. Compared to vaporizers, combustion (such as burning or using a lighter) produces smoke that lingers in the hotel room for a much prolonged time. The research discovered that while cigarette smoke persists in the air for 30-45 minutes after exhalation, e-cigarette vapor vanishes in the air in just a few seconds. Even if we're not talking about cigarettes, whether the wrap contains tobacco or not, it is burning, and it contains tar and carbon that can stain materials and contains a distinct smoke when burnt. 

These reasonably priced vape pens can help you avoid hassle on your upcoming vacation. I wouldn't be even the slightest worried about using vapes with just the window open, but I'd still cover my hotel room door using a moist towel!

Tips and Tricks To Smoking In Your Hotel Room – Without Getting Caught

How precisely can you smoke without being noticed now that you are smoking in your hotel room?

As mentioned above, carrying a Vape can be one convenient solution; however, several hotels also ban e-cigarettes. Moreover, if your neighbors know about your smoking habit and it's somewhat disturbing for them, you might be fined, and your vacation will be ruined. Therefore, I suggest you make sure that you smoke in a well-managed way making absolutely no one uncomfortable. 

One easy but effective approach is to blow any vapor towards the air conditioning vent; the air conditioner's dehumidifiers feature will destroy any vapor. This will save the smoke from spreading like wildfire in the room or even accumulating, reducing any risks of getting caught. Also, vaping devices barely generate any aromas; therefore, you are entirely protected if you use the air conditioning vent.

Vape pens are therefore the best option for you. However, considering that vape pens are more expensive than cigarettes and might not be readily available to many, you need to prepare some backup options to make your cigarettes work as efficiently as the e-cigarettes. Another concern about e-cigarettes is that the e-liquid vaporizers or concentrate you might be using may not be according to your preference or be unavailable near the hotel. You may run out of your stock of e-liquid, leaving no options but to light up the cigarette and smoke in your non-smoking hotel room. 

This is the best guideline you will come across when you have no choice but to use traditional cigarettes. Not all of these techniques work consistently, but they have been proven successful in desperate times. These tricks have saved many, and I assume they will save you too!

Light Up Without Getting Kicked Out

Some people are curious about how they smoke in a hotel restroom without being caught. This is conceivable, but you should be aware of the repercussions if you are found smoking in a non-smoking hotel room. For starters, you'll typically receive a stern warning. Some hotels, nevertheless, may charge you a fee. They may also bill you on a credit card. If caught repeatedly, they could even evict you from the hotel's premises.

Avoid smoking until necessary, only when you make sure you have met the tricks mentioned below; otherwise, be ready to face any consequences if caught smoking. If you're determined to smoke in your hotel room, I suggest you use the washroom and take necessary precautions to avoid being caught.

Upward and Onward

There are several things one considers when buying a room for him. These include an exquisite location, services, easy access to transport, etc. Though, if you are a smoker and you want to smoke in your non-smoking hotel room, it is a must to look for a hotel that has balconies with the rooms. 

Yes, friend, a balcony is a must. Using a patio for smoking can also help you identify your smoke-friendly neighbors. However, be aware of remaining a ghost for people who might find smoking troublesome, especially families with toddlers, the elderly, or people with medical conditions like asthma. Don't forget to share this guide with them. 

Finding a room with a balcony can be challenging, especially when staying in a commercial area, an air BnB, or somewhere in the city. However, if you plan to book a room near islands or beaches, then finding a balcony won’t be as tough. Still, if you somehow end up with a room without a balcony, relax; we have listed all other possible ways you can manage smoking without getting caught in your room. 


If there is no balcony, try to find some windows and open them. Getting rid of any odor or accumulated smoke in the room is essential, so you must somehow establish some airflow. Now, this can be natural such as the flowing wind (perfect for windy weather), or it can be artificial using a fan. You can use a portable or room fan, as per your convenience. The idea is to create an airflow that will flow in the opposite direction as the door so that the smoke does not get outside the room door, smell, and people end up complaining. 

The moment you figure out the availability of a fan, try to position it at the door. This will help create air pressure that will blow the heavy smoke away from the door. This way, the vapor, along with the odor, will not be able to escape through any gaps or openings that possibly exist between the door's frame and the door. In case you get a room without a fan, always ask for one but never mention the valid reason as to why you need it. Also, if your fan is not working correctly and the smoke is still escaping, ask your hotel service to run a check and get another fan or shift your room. 

Stay under the Radar

By staying under the radar, I mean that if you don't end up in a room with a balcony or a functioning window, don't start smoking just anywhere. Sit back and keep reading!

There is some exhaust or opening; you may use that as a window. Moreover, if you have a window in the room that is not open, use your hands to somehow crack open the window; a tiny opening will be enough. 

Try managing with the little you have rather than smoking too obviously anywhere that might ruin your entire hotel experience for you. 

Fan to the Rescue

As discussed earlier, the fan can be your best friend when stuck in a non-smoking hotel room. In case you eye a fan, waste no time in setting it up as told, which is to place it close to the door in a way that it blows the smoke away from the gaps and is restricted from escaping elsewhere. Ensure that no smoke seeps through any tiny space in your room, as the odor of a cigarette can be easily detected. 

Neutralize the Smoke Alarm

There is a reason why I asked you to prevent any smoke from escaping as it can even trigger the smoke alarm. Once this alarm is set off, everyone on your floor will know that you are smoking, and I am sure you wouldn't want it. Therefore, to avoid setting off the fire alarm, many hotel room smokers take the potentially dangerous but preventative precaution of covering the alarm with a towel, plastic bag, or any cloth. But make sure whatever you use for covering is easily and instantly removable, just in case room service staff is coming. 

If there is a fire, this might have significant legal and practical ramifications, so if you plan to use this trick, make sure you remove the handkerchief or cloth immediately after you are done smoking. After that, try to bend and waft the smoke out the window, far from your room.

You are now as prepared as possible for smoking indoors in a non-smoking place. As you smoke and sip your favorite beverage, try to stand near the window, use a vape, neutralize the smoke alarm, and cover any door gaps with a wet towel if not using a fan to blow off the air. Most importantly, keep your cigarette in a posture where any smoke will blow directly outside the window. Using a window, connect with your nearby smoker friends and exhale any smoke present outdoors.

The Bathroom is Often the Safest Place

Hotels are rapidly growing more diminutive in size, having no balconies and no longer having windows that might open. This makes things harder, but as I've already mentioned, smokers are innovative. I hope you have placed a moist cloth at the bottom or sides of the doorway to start. This will aid in preventing the odor from entering the corridor, where staff members and other visitors can smell it. Even one dry towel serves, but not as well as one dripping wet, so having a damp towel is unnecessary.

Next, if you can, direct some airflow away from the door. If there is a fan in the room, now is the time to utilize it. Open any windows you can and direct the fan's airflow there. If not, you should still direct airflow away from the front entrance. Some smokers claim that blowing smoke out of a hotel window will suffice, but that isn't always a possibility, and the people who frequently smoke, clearly support the shower approach. The Shower Method runs the hotter setting on your shower and allows the steam to fill the shower room or bathroom. Make sure you're satisfied! If your hotel's bathroom has an exhaust system, switch it on before you light up. Once inside the bathroom, you must cover the doorway's bottom like you did with the front door.

As a result, when people smoke, the tar and smell from burning cigarettes will stick to the steam, not the bathroom walls. Then the exhaust system will whisk the particles out and up of the room. That's almost all there is about the shower approach. This way, you will already be far from the main door of your hotel room and, therefore, less chance of anyone catching you smoking.

If at all possible, please refrain from smoking blunts within the room. This also applies to joints. Papers and rills create the most unpleasant odor, even if the bongs and pipes aren't the most convenient items to travel with. Blunts aren't worth the danger if you can't or won't go outside. If you have got a terrace or a balcony and wish to try them, be careful of other visitors. If they object, you might get to pay considerably more than just a cleaning or smoking fee. There might be a chance of you getting banned from your favorite resort, hotel, or island as well. 

Get Yourself A Smoke buddy

Smoking indoors might be a challenging hurdle to clear. For this reason, smoking devices like the Smoke buddy can help you smoke without worrying about getting caught. So what is a smoke buddy? It's a filter. Smoke Buddy is an innovative technological device that works as an air filter. It aids in dissipating the smoke from your exhale and substantially reduces its odor. This way, you have an extremely low chance of being identified while smoking. 

Additionally, air filters such as the Smoke buddy are designed to eliminate the smoke. Therefore, you won’t need to use a towel or a fan to vacuum away any particles that can get caught when using a smoke buddy. The smoke will be less noticeable, and the smoke's scent will be less overpowering due to diffused smoke particles in the surroundings. 

The most appropriate way to describe the material that makes up the Smoke buddy is "plastic tubing," This way of describing this incredible device does not do justice to its capabilities. However, it is still the most user-friendly explanation I can provide. Let's see if it does work.

Let me explain to you the science behind the Smoke Buddy. The device consists of a tube. There are several meshes and filters inside the tube that assist isolate smoke particles from one another, dispersing the smoke and diminishing the stench. This reduces the smoke smell ten folds, if not eliminates it. The justification is simple: If smells are less concentrated, so will the particles. There are two extremes on the Smoke buddy, one smaller and one larger. The goal is to puff on your cigarettes or joint as you usually would. When you're ready to breathe out your cigarette, blow through the Smoke buddy's more minor end. The smoke will pass through several meshes and filters before emerging from the device's broader end. This way, the smoke that comes out of the device will already be filtered, with less odor and smoke particles, rendering your life easy. 

Every luxury has its pros and cons. Even if Smoke buddy sounds the perfect escape to you, be aware that it does not eliminate your risk 100%. Moreover, make sure that you use your smoke buddy. Smoke buddy is intended just for individual usage. Previously, it would have been typical for a group of smokers to share an everyday Smoke buddy. Still, owing to the problems we have been facing due to the pandemic, it is highly inadvisable to share the device any longer. 

Get an Air Purifier

Air purifiers remove the odor of tobacco smoke by filtering the air's content and odor. This will make it easier for you to cover up your indoor smoking. An adsorbent carbon filter is usually found in the most effective air purifiers. This filter is explicitly calibrated to eliminate the smell of tobacco. You must utilize a personal air filter if you're out from your hometown or city and attempting not to be caught smoking indoors. These lightweight tools filter your smoke, removing its odor and pollutants. This way, fewer people can figure out that you are even smoking. 

Clean After Yourself

Until now, I'm sure you have taken all the precautions mentioned earlier by following my simple tips and tricks. However, as sure you must be before the smoking process, you must also ensure some proper cleaning after the session. Once satisfied after a smoke session, don’t sit restlessly and begin cleaning immediately. 

Even though hand pipes are generally regarded as the best option for in-door hotel smoking (since they don't stay lit as long as joints do and are less noticeable than a bong), if you decide to use something rolled, it's essential to keep in mind that you must put your stash and device away after you're finished! If you are using a cigarette, flush it or throw the buds. Don't leave behind buds, an ashtrays, or ash spilled on the floor, as it can create a massive mess if identified during your checkout by the room service. 

Imagine if you forgot to clean the after-smoke mess and a cleaner or room service knocked on the door? There will be a high risk of you getting caught. Getting caught will ruin your reputation and make you regret the idea of having some me-time on vacation. I'm sure you don't want that. You can clean first and then relax and continue with your vacation plans. 

There are still solutions available for smoking in your hotel room if you cannot obtain a vape, oil pen, or a smoking-friendly accommodation. Just be sure to set up your place, clean it up after you are done smoking, and keep your stockpile hidden from others going about their business in the hotel. 

Moreover, due to Covid-19 affecting our health, please don’t be reckless and just smoke anywhere. Respect your surroundings and people who might get uncomfortable. Resist a bit but don’t share devices that carry the risk of infecting you or those around you. 

Concluding Remarks 

In the end, I hope you have the best time in your hotel room by quickly converting it into a comfortable smoking zone for yourself. Remember that your comfort comes first. Best assured, you will love these tips and tricks on how to smoke in a hotel room once you use them. You can select a few of these which work the best for you, if not all. Be it finding a balcony, securing proper ventilation, using your bathroom's shower room, using an exhaust system, using an air purifier, working with a smoke buddy, covering the alarms off, or maybe just a lucky day saving you from getting caught, I assure you, all of these tips and tricks will come in handy all around the world.

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