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How to use an Electric Dab Rig

by Tokeplanet Staff 25 Sep 2022
How to use an Electric Dab Rig

Anyone who enjoys vaping concentrates and is searching for a solution to guarantee more consistency in terms of vapor output, flavor, and general functionality will find electric dab rigs to be of great value. Electric dab rigs are more widely available than ever, and there are types available that range from being user-friendly and basic to being high-tech and advanced with plenty of functions. In essence, employing an e-dab rig can improve your dabbing experience in a variety of ways, but you can only benefit from this kind of equipment if you utilize it properly.

Any electric dab rig you buy should have an instruction manual that outlines how to operate it precisely. But before you spend money on one, it's also a good idea to have a general understanding of how to operate this kind of equipment so that you'll know what to expect if you do decide to get one.

Electric Dab Rigs vs. Analog Dab Rigs

Instead of using an external heat source like classic dab rigs, electric dab rigs use electricity to operate the gadget and vaporize your concentrates.

Electric dab rigs flash-vaporize your concentrates using an internal heating element, and they almost usually have a range of power settings so you can change the heat to enhance various aspects of your dabs, including flavor, vapor production, and overall strength of the compounds you value. Electric dab rigs are becoming more and more popular because they provide users more control. Unlike analog dab rigs, which might have output variations depending on factors like how long you apply heat for, the output of the heat source, and more, they guarantee consistent temperature output with each hit.

What to Know When Using an Electric Dab Rig

In the end, it's preferable to refer to the user manual because you may learn more about features particular to a given item and comprehend how to use a particular gadget as safely and effectively as possible. The general instructions for using an electronic dab rig are provided in the guide below.

Prepare your dabbing area.

A level, flat surface is necessary to prevent the rig from toppling, which could result in the loss of some of your goods or perhaps a broken rig. Any flammable elements on the surface should be avoided because they could be hazardous.

Confirm That Your Equipment Is Set Up and Ready to Go

The dab rig's water capacity should be determined by its size and the manufacturer's recommendations. Additionally, you ought to have your carb cap and dabber prepared, as well as clean all of your gear.

Removing the E-Top Nail's

Before reattaching it, place the coil's top inside of it in this location. Now that it is securely fastened, you can attach your nail to your dab rigs.

Attach the Coil After Plugging in Your Device

Set your chosen temperature after turning on the gadget. Everyone has a different sweet spot, so for beginners, locating the ideal temperature can take some time. Starting with the lowest temperature and gradually increasing it in little steps will help you find the ideal combination of flavor, vapor production, and potency.

You must season the nail the first time you use this type of setup.

  • Increase the heat to 750 degrees.
  • Take a concentration you're not as excited about.
  • Be patient after setting the temperature because it may take up to two minutes to reach it.
  • Using your dabbing tool, apply the concentrate to the nail and swirl it around to evenly cover the entire area with a thin layer of the product.

Time to get ready for your dabbing session

  • Wait a minute or two before lowering the temperature to 350 to 400 degrees if you wish to dab at a low temperature.
  • Set the temperature between 450 and 600 degrees for a medium setting.
  • If you want a high temperature, stay between 650 and 800; anything above that can burn your concentrates.

Have your dab tool ready 

Finally, while taking a hit through the mouthpiece, use your dab tool to apply the desired amount of concentrate on the nail's dome. Inhale and cover the nail's dome with your carb cap. You can then repeat that.

Other tips for Using an Electric Dab Rig

Tip #1: Regular cleaning

Ultimately, you should clean your dab rig after every usage to stop gunk, debris, and film from affecting flavor and the operation of your gadget. To make this process as quick and simple as possible, we provide a variety of cleaning supplies.

Tip #2: Consider Your Options Carefully

Take your time examining the many electric dab rigs available and select one that best suits your needs as a dabbing lover. Devices exist in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. Some feature more output options, while others are easier to operate.

We advise taking just one hit your first time dabbing if you are brand-new to the practice. One hit may be sufficient for a beginner because concentrates are quite strong.

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