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Top 10 Percolators You Should Start Using

by Ambuj Sharma 26 Jul 2022
Top 10 Percolators You Should Start Using

If you are an enthusiast of bongs or dab rigs, then we can safely assume that you already know what Percolators are. You might as well know a thing or two about the basics of percolators. It can also be the case that you only use pipes playfully and don't know how percolators can take your smoking journey to the next level.

We know nothing like the satisfaction one feels when smoking a high-quality bong rip. If you want to avoid the wooden taste of debris, now is the time to know about percolators, their types, and which works best for you. A percolator will open doors to a world of safe, fulfilling, and wholesome smoking experiences. 

Percolators are a well-liked product in the cannabis world. It's a long favorite product. When chemistry and cannabis products came together, they created the perfect product to offer a smoother smoking hot. Once you use a Percolator to get your hit, you will instantly start craving for more. 

The product can also cool the smoke. It also further filters the smoke making it a fan-favorite product within the community of cannabis and hemp plant users. Since the early days of the development of this product, many different variations have been created. 

Most smokers have personal preferences, but if you are a newbie, this product line might as well be a little intimidating. Similarly, understanding how the bong percolator works is the key to buying the right kind of percolator that works for you. 

Percolators are even more efficient than other market products. This might be because they have been around for a long while and have been tinkered with to meet the needs of modern customers. In this blog, we will introduce you to a few of the most famous percolators currently sold in the market. This will help you choose a percolator that works the best for your needs. 

Inline Percolators

Take a tube, specifically a horizontal one, and make some slits in it—that's your inline percolator. The technology of inline percolators is simple; the more slits you drill in the tube, the more the diffusion inside the percolator. The air bubbles and the smoke particles are created inside the percolator. They move from one slit to another. 

The main function of this type of perc's is to extend the joint. The joint then goes through the water compartment, creating an outward spherical shape at the opposite end of the bong. This way, it's able to accommodate the percolator's length. 

The perc of an inline Percolator is a stem made from glass. It has holes in it. The holes or slits will generally face sidewards (in some cases, the face of the hole is downwards). The function of this percolator is to shoot the water to the sides, thus stopping the water from being shot too far up the stream of the bong. 

An inline percolator can be easily recognized due to its distinct shape. 

The main horizontal tube has another small tube sideways—the small tube has slits, which makes this percolator more efficient and helps it deliver greater diffusion.

This design of an inline percolator is thus famous. Also, this design may have looked different if it weren't for the horizontal tube. A smooth and comforting hit of this perc is made possible via the many slits that enrich the hit's quality and intensity.

Inline percolators are created in such a way to allow for greater space in the anterior part of your bong. Hence, this design can be easily combined with other perc designs in the market, like the coil percolator. 

As we said earlier, more slits in an inline percolator will mean more diffusion. This is the reason which makes inline perc in vogue. Also, this has made other bongs incorporate an inline perc's inside them. This quality of inline percolator—of increasing percolation—has made them an essential member of the bong market. 


Diffused Downstream Perc


Diffused Downstream perc is the simplest type of perc's—even simpler than the inline perc's. Diffused Downstream perc is just an erect downstream with slits carved in its base. These slits will go under the water allowing the smoke an easy path through them. Downstream is also a design with another primary job of cooling off the smoke. Diffused Downstream perc are both permanent and replaceable. 

Diffused downstream is by far the simplest design. Nonetheless, it is effective for making many bubbles and cooling the smoke. They can be added to a bong, or you can buy a bong with a diffused downstream perc inside it. 

Diffused Downstream is a glass tube with slits on only one side. This site is always the side where bubbles are created. These same holes can be made in a honeycomb fashion or any different pattern of your choice. 

This perc is almost always attached, running from the bowl directly down to the slitted side beneath the water.

Diffused Downstream is one of the most basic types of percolator. Their role is that of filter paper. They act as a water purifier, ensuring a smooth smoking experience. This type of bong isn't that pricey. 


As the design of this percolator is simple, its function is even simpler. The only difference is that of a downstream. This is also the basic distinction between dry screen pipes and water pipes. A water pipe is like a tube that lets air pass from the water. This helps in creating better airflow. 

Like any other water pipe, a downstream (particularly this one) can be easily detached or removed. You can also replace it if the need be. Ideally, they are not the best if you want an excellent high-end smoking experience, but they are still way better than having nothing.


Honeycomb Percolator

Take a disc and carve as many holes in it as possible, and you will end up with a honeycomb percolator. Honeycomb is flat as discs are flat, and they happen to come in pairs, giving them a strange stack design with many chambers. 

The perc holes run parallel to the rear end/base of the bong. This helps in shooting the bubbles straight upward from the chambers. The more chambers you have on this perc, the better overall the smoking experience as you get more filtrations and cooling. 

Honeycomb percolators are also called disc perc. It is completely flat and connects all the chambers. This makes it look like a wall of plates stacked on each other.

Honeycomb percs have an endless series of small slits which resemble a piece of cheese. This disc will look more like cheese than a honeycomb. It is positioned parallel to the base and shoots the bubbles upward. 

The layers of this perc are joined together, which makes them extra effective. These days many bongs have incorporated this feature—having multiple streams of honeycomb-like percs.

Honeycomb percolators would be a suitable choice for anyone who has previously used percolators. These percolators have, at the very least, one disc with many holes, making them look like a honeycomb but in a very obscure way. 

However, honeycomb percs are well-liked due to their ability to stack many discs atop each other. All these discs are then attached to a single bong. As more and more discs are added, the filtration becomes more robust.

Single disc honeycombs and double disc honeycombs are used more these days. The structure of any bong with a long neck lets you add a lot of honeycomb pers. That's why users have started with as many as four discs inside one bong. Their flat structure/design is also beneficial as it lets them be attached to other designs.


Tree Percolator

This type of perc has the best design, which makes it so easily recognizable. This percolator comprises many arms with several slits, which are then connected towards the top. Air particles will come from below, pushed from a central tube, and move through the arms. As they move past the arms, they create many bubbles. 

Tree percs are now commonly-used; if you use percs, you may know someone with tree perc in their bongs. The only downside of this perc is how sensitive/delicate they are. The more arms they have, the more easily they can be broken down. 

Tree percolators build on the concept of a grouping of slits. It creates several thin and vertical tubes (called 'arms') alongside many filtering slits. In this case, as you multiply the number of arms, you will see that more smoke is filtered, resulting in wholesome smoking sessions. 

These percs are also called the pillar percs. Tree percolators are essentially an improvisation of the stem of diffused downstream percs. Having a similar design as downstream percs, these are the percs that go one step further and add more tubes to the perc. 

Like the other percolators, as you increase the space in which the smoke has to pass through, you also increase the filtration. Following this logic, the greater the number of arms you have on tree perc, the more effective the filtration process is. Using the tree perc, you should ensure it's made from a strong material. 

This way, air comes from below and is forced up through the central tube and down the arms of the perc, where it enters the water as bubbles. The arms are typically diffused with at least 2-3 slits. The beauty is the more slits, the more diffusion, the smoother the hit.

If one tree perc isn't enough for you, don't worry because we also have a double and a triple tree perc bong to make that hit as smooth as possible.


Showerhead Perc

Showerhead percs are simple with a shape that looks like a literal shower—you might mistake them for a shower in your bathroom. Holes are usually placed in the hindsight of a vertical tube. That's where the flares happen, resulting in bubbles that quickly diffuse. 

Showerhead perc can be used for smoking almost anything, be it a fanciful bud or some other strong material. 

Showerhead percs will remind you of the tree percs as both follow similar technology. Also, the showerhead perc follows the tree perc as it came immediately after it. Showerhead percolators have a vertical tube that will widen to form a round chamber when needed. 

The slits in these percs also increase filtration as well as diffusion. This results in so many bubbles. Thus, it can be said that bubble production is very efficient in this percolator. There is a whole range of different designs of showerhead percs. The range of slits in this percolator is a maximum of four slits. Showerhead Perc is also made in another innovative design, the double showerhead. A more artistic rendition of this perc will include bulging spheres.


The magic of the showerhead perc is the fact that it's a unique percolator that allows users to enjoy the smoke when it breaks down the smoke into tiny particles. This also makes it a lot easier for users to inhale the smoke.

This results in lessening the coughing that happens when you smoke without this perc. Enjoy cannabis without coughing, but only if you use a showerhead percolator. This is specially designed for users who are allergic to harsh smoking. 


Swiss Percolator

Swiss percs have the most excellent design of all. Bongs with Swiss perc inside them will look as if they were hit by a burst of bullets, as they have many holes throughout the entire structure. The barrage of holes (throughout the entire body) makes this unique design the right choice for someone who wants the purest possible smoke. As air flows around these holes, the smoke is filtered without a dent in the user's hit. They're not only efficient but also stylish, that's why they are one of our favorites.

The technology behind the Swiss perc is a work of art. This percolator is created with so many holes dug in the bong's body, just like its namesake Swiss cheese. As the air bristles around the holes, the dragging on the pull is smothered, all the while the glass style breaks to cool down the smoke.

This perc is named after the Swiss cheese, as it probably has even more holes than that cheese. The Swiss Perc delivers truly top-of-the-range filtration. The Swiss percolators are well-known amongst both concentrate plus flower smokers. 

The Swiss Perc act is like a barrier that flows the air and smoke, generating bubbles and cooling the smoke.

Making a Swiss Perc is rather hard work. Many percs must be cut using a power saw or an extreme laser.


Matrix Perc

Next up, we have matrix percolators. If you are using a water pipe, now is the time to take things to the next level by using the aesthetically pleasing matrix perc. These percs have a c cylinder-like shape and are also located in the bong's base (more like the center of the base). 

These percs have got both vertical plus horizontal slits. This results in supercritical levels of diffusion. This is because the smoke can take all different directions available to it. 

The matrix perc is a mesh percolator. When used in a bong, it will immediately diffuse the smoke. You will see some tiny bubbles, and that will be all that remains of the smoke. 

Matrix percs are sold in many unique designs like the double matrix perc, perc we think should be more famous due to its purification system. This perc pipe will allow you to be further away from your flame and remain completely safe. The bong for this perc can be customized to have the matrix perc located in the center to diffuse the smoke as fast as possible. 

This beautifully crafted piece will look even stunning on a coffee table. The glass of this perc is extremely thick so as to increase its durability. This also increases the thickness of your smoke. 

Matrix percs beats all other percs, hands down, regarding the design. The number and location (sometimes size too) of the holes on each chamber of matrix percs might be different. The holes on the top may not provide the needed resistance, which sometimes leads to difficulty for lower holes as they cannot bring in the required amount of smoke. 


Barrel Percolator

Barrel percs happen to have a simple and straight cylinder-shaped design. This perc may also have some notches, which leads to users thinking this perc looks like an actual barrel. This perc is one of the percs that increases the diffusion and has a greater combination of holes than typical perc. 

Most of the holes in this perc are upright but might often turn sideways in bongs.

This perc is also readily connected to the downstream. Thus, you can position this perc upright or sideways as you prefer. They have got more holes, thus more diffusion. More bubbles also come from greater diffusion. This perc is a perfect combo—more filtration and diffusion are all you need from perc.

Having a straight cylindrical design, this percolator is simply a barrel. The added notches also give it a barrel-like resemblance. The barrel shape is almost always kept erect because that's where it works the finest. 


Coil Percolator

Coil percolators have got a similar design as that of a tree percolator. The only major distinction between the two is that inside the bong, the coil percolator is bent many times to resemble the structure of a coil.

When you use these bongs, the coil will direct the herb smoke inside a water chamber— whereby the diffusion of the smoke takes place. The only issue we have so far encountered is that when you use these bongs, the drag can sometimes last so long that you will start feeling irritated.

In addition, these bongs are sold very cheaply, so if you buy this one, people should know that there will be issues with performance. It's generally advised to pass on the coil percolator and buy the other ones if your budget allows. 

The coil percolator is available in both glass and glycerin. A glycerin coil Percolator is used when a user wants a cool drag without irritating sensations. 


Cross Percolator

Cross percs can be placed wherever you like, top or bottom. It works equally fine. The splits in this perc are cross-shaped, thus making for a filtration system that is just like the downstream system. Cross Percolator has a series of cross-like arms/tubes that branch from the center and help to divert the smoke. They also take the moisture so that the center of the bong doesn't splash every time you use it.

Cross percolators are similar in working fashion to the downstream perc. However, they also have some cross-shaped tubes that stem from the very center of the bong itself. This ensures that the smoke moves sideways to boost the airflow. This improvisation has also taken the water off the bong's center.

These are all the best percs currently sold in the market, and if you want to know which one works best for you, we advise you first to identify the problem you face when smoking. Afterwards, you can look for a percolator that works the best to solve that problem—which, in most cases, will be one of these ten. 

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