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Do you want to have the most robust effects from dabs like wax or shatter? Consider getting a dab rig to enhance the experience. This device act as a catalyzer for quickly vaporizing the concentrates. To use it, you'll have to light a dab nail with a blow torch and then apply the dab. Next, simply inhale via the mouthpiece.

If you are into plant extracts, you will surely adore dabbing. In this post, we’ll explore their usages. At the same time, we’ll share advice for first-timers and some intricate details.

  • What to Look for When Buying Dab Rigs Online

Before buying dab rigs, you need to know how to choose the one you won't regret using. Here are some aspects to look for:

Size of Mouthpiece

When you choose a dab with a tiny mouthpiece, you'll be able to “taste” the vapor. As you dab, a nail allows a steady, measured flow of air. Plus, you're more likely to finish the batch in this manner.

Water Filtration

You can also get rigs that won’t require any water to function. However, inhaling concentrates that didn’t pass any filtration is not recommended. So, you’ll have to use an external filtration unit. That’s why it’s better to forgo the waterless rugs altogether. Keep your health in mind at all times.

Available Styles

Some dab rigs don’t look special but get the job done. Others focus on style, looking fancy, and diverting attention. Also, some rigs are easily portable, allowing hassle-free transportation. Furthermore, you can look for your favorite color or a longer downstems. With such details, you can further customize your vape.

What Tools Are Required to Dab?

If you appreciate dabbing, look for the following tools;


This is a fundamental tool for getting the device's nail super hot. In that way, you get to speed up the process. Plus, you can easily find a handheld one from a smoke store.

Reclaim Catchers

Reclaim catchers will help catch excess wax. Hence, you can make it last longer.

Dab Rig

You require a dab rig to dab, but it's also vital to choose the right one. In short, get the type made to be used with a concentrate. This is because the taste you receive from a dab rig is unique compared to that of flowers. Hence, mixing the two is not a good idea.

Dab Tool

Its head will allow you to trim off the dab from the remaining concentrate and dip it in the hot nail.

Carb Cap

This locks the vapor in your dab rig system. As a result, you’ll get the most out of the concentrate.


It is also known as quartz nail, and it heats and then drops the dabs in.

Silicone Dab Jar

Experience shows that dabs can be quite messy and sticky. Therefore, you should keep the wax in a silicone jar, where it won’t stick. Later, you can scoop it out easily.

How Do Dab Rigs Work?

The usage of a dab rig requires some nuance. A nail remains above the major bowl, and it's here where you put the concentrates. Take note that the nails are essential parts and come in various materials. They’re often quartz, glass, or titanium. You can acquire them separately as well, though ensure you buy the right size to match your setup. Another built-in part is the dome, which is the special cover on top of the nail. The domes enable you to retain the vapor where it belongs and not fly out in the ether. This happens as soon as you warm the dab or concentrate.

You will also see the glass vapor slide as it attaches to the nail. A joint which is at a right angle carries vapor in the bowl. Remember, the regular pipes don't have this kind of joint. However, the dabs have tiny ninety-degree joints to ensure the vapor remains thick. A recycler in the bowl creates a loop where water and vapor flow through freely. Thus, water changes into vapor via the pipes and vice versa. That is the dab rig systems in a nutshell.

What Are the Main Parts of Dab Rigs?

The main parts of the dab rigs which make it all possible are:


It holds a smaller amount of water than the one for a bong. Due to this, you can regard the diffusion and water chambers as two cogs that work together. That is to filter and then cool the vaporized dab inside your rig.


Placing your mouth on a dab rig means you create a seal. The chamber's water bubbles up as the air you inhale gets recharged via the downstems

Dab Tool

It helps with manipulating and loading concentrates. In other words, it takes the concentrates to a heated dab or banger. This is a crucial part of the process, so keep the dab tool in tip-top shape.


The rigs require heating of the banger or nail. That’s where the torch comes in. health-wise, it’s best to use a propane or butane torch. Also, those prevent the dabs from burning and producing a nasty flavor.


This warms up the nail if you don't have a lighter. So, it’s much more beginner-friendly than the regular nails.


A carb cap is necessary when you want to take low-temperature dabs. These too come in different styles, though the basics remain the same.

Why Use Dab Rigs?

Thanks to their build, even the tiniest rig will produce some pretty potent stuff. So, always take this into account and pace yourself correctly. Even when vaping without heating the blend, you’ll get some tasty results. If used correctly, rigs won’t fail to satisfy you.
Generally, a rig will pack more flavor even than a traditional rolled joint. Moreover, its temperature control lets you fine-tune the end result to your liking. By using carb caps, you can always ensure a worthwhile hit. Carb caps work as sealants on the nails or bangers. What this comes down to is a mini-oven of sorts. So, when you dab, the terpenes in the concentrate fully vaporize and add to the taste.

Types of Dab Rigs

Today, there are different types of dab rigs, but these are the most popular ones:

1. E-rigs
These dab rigs allow precise temperature control, and some even permit you to turn the heat down. Plus, their rechargeable batteries enable a fast and simple heat up without much hassle.

2. Silicone Rigs
These rigs are perfect for those who tend to break their gear prematurely. This material is flexible and hard to break. So, it can survive a collision or two. Also, the silicone dab rigs are comparatively cheaper.

3. Recycler Rigs
Recyclers are popular these days, thanks to their innate water filtration. They also deliver extra smooth hits.

4. Glass Rig
It is made up of relatively strong and heat-resistant material. As a result, you can use it in very high temperatures. In that way, you’ll unlock even more flavour from your blend.

5. Mini Dab Rigs
These are portable and give a more flavorful dab. Due to their small size, they preserve the valuable terpenes inside for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the ideal dabbing temperature?

Many regular users will agree that an ideal temperature to dab is between 400-800 degrees. Though it always depends on your personal preferences.

2. How do I clean my dab rig?

You can add salt to alcohol to help clean your rig better. Pour the solution and leave it to soak for no less than one hour. Also, ensure you use a pipe cleaner coated in alcohol.

3. Are E-Rigs as good as glass dab rigs?

E-rigs are perfect when you want good flavor. But, they won’t be an option if your budget is too tight. On the other hand, glass rigs are reliable if you take the time to heat them properly. So, even if they’re cheaper, you won’t feel the difference with little practice.

4. How do I choose the right dab rig for me?

Like bongs and pipes, dabs vary from basic to classic ones. Since everyone has their preferences, it's better to consider the type before making a purchase.

5. What's the difference between a dab rig and a bong?

You can use a dab rig to consume the vapor coming from a concentrate. However, you can smoke flowers with bongs after lighting them up using matches or butane lighter. 


Dabbing is a fun hobby that requires some knowledge for the best results. Thankfully, there are many types of dab and oil rigs today, so anyone can feed their niche. By combining the right tools and materials, you can fine-tune each vape. In time, you’ll get better with this craft, discovering newer tricks to enhance the experience.

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