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A bong is a filtration device that is generally used for smoking flowers or other herbs. The bong bowl is an accessory that is used to hold those herbs. Today, people can find many bong bowls fashioned with many designs in different sizes. Depending on the water pipe, the bong bowls can be male or female.

Having a female pipe means that you should search for male joint accessories that will be compatible with it. The female pipe will have a wide opening where all accessories and bowls should fit inside of the joint. All female joints need male accessories, and opposite, all male joints need female accessories.

  • Bowl size

Once we find out the gender of the joint and the accessories, we should find out what accessory size we need. Almost all glass joints are standardized. There are three standard joint sizes; 10 mm, 14.4 mm, and 18.8 mm. The most common joint size is 14.4 mm. 

To determine the size of the joint, you will need a dime. If the dime is approximately the same size as the joint, you will need 14.4 mm accessories. This means if the joint is smaller than the dime, it is 10mm, or if it is quite larger than the dime, you need an 18.8 mm bowl.

What is the bong adapter used for?

The bog adapters are little accessories that bong smokers can use for many different reasons when it comes to changing the bong look. For example, people can use these adapters for changing the bong size, converting the bong into a dab rig, or the opposite, converting the dab rig into a bong. 

Smokers can even change the joint size using bong adapters. Besides the size, even these adapters have a gender. You can find a male to female adapter, female to female, and male to male bong adapters.

The male to female adapters are usually used to change the bong’s joint size. The male’s end enters the female joint, which sticks out of the bong where you can put the bowl. The female to female adapters are meant to convert dab rigs, while the male to male adapters are used to convert the bongs into dab rigs.

Bowl attachments

Glass bowl attachments are way simpler than other bong attachments. A good bowl attachment makes a huge difference, adding size for larger packs, a smaller or larger hole for different airflows, nubs for more grip, and even more designs for making the bong stylish. 

These accessories come in different shapes and colors, adding some real power to the smoke sessions. Many bong bowls are made of heat-resistant glass, adjusted with many silver and gold details, making this accessory an awesome gift for friends and family.

All interested customers can search between many different bong bowls used for many purposes. The snapper bowl is perfect for a solo smoker, while Metal bowl and Oversized bowl are best for sharing the smoke. The Double bowl is designed for couples, and then there are many other novelty bowls–because the sky is not the limit.

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