'Bongs' or glass water pipes have been around for 2400 years or more. Records show the use of bongs in ancient times for smoking leafy material like dry herbs, tobacco, and flowers.   Why Are Bongs So Popular?  Bongs use a water filter to get rid of the unwanted particles and...

'Bongs' or glass water pipes have been around for 2400 years or more. Records show the use of bongs in ancient times for smoking leafy material like dry herbs, tobacco, and flowers. 

 Why Are Bongs So Popular?

 Bongs use a water filter to get rid of the unwanted particles and ash from smoke while cooling the hot smoke and ensuring the temperature is comfortable enough for your throat. This isn't how traditional hand pipes function. Bongs have been around for centuries for their simple design and practical use that deliver a smooth smoking experience. In the last couple of years, the shape, size, material, attachment, design, and theme of bongs have drastically advanced. TokePlanet offers a wide selection of bongs that are available at affordable prices. 

Dabs or Dry Herbs? 

Choose a straight tube bong or a classic beaker if you smoke only dry herbs. A 'glass bowl' will prove to be a beneficial attachment to your bong. It will hold your herbs when you ignite it. If you're into dabbing, choose a 'dab nail' instead of a glass bowl. Give the dab rig a try in case you use concentrates or wax. They are designed to retain the flavor and terpene profiles of concentrates. 

At Home or Portable?

Different smokers have different preferences. In case you wish to smoke only at your home choose a glass bong. They are not only elegant to look at but also provide durability and easy maintenance. 

However, go for a silicone bong for portability. If you're smoking on the move you need a bong that isn't fragile and subjected to damage. 

Your Smoking Needs:

In case you smoke on a regular basis, you'll need a bong that can withstand everyday use. You should choose a bong that is easy to maintain and clean. Smoking from a dirty bong will prove hazardous to health and is quite gross. You can check out the glass cleaning available at TokePlanet. 

Different Types Of Bongs:

You can find a massive range of bongs, be it an intricate design modular bong or a classic beaker bong, and so many others. Choose a bong from TokePlanet that suits your lifestyle and meets your smoking needs. 

Classic Beaker Bongs:

They are the most popular kind of bong available across the globe. Classic beaker bongs have a sturdy base and are very easy to clean. Beginners as well as seasoned smokers can make the most of classic beaker bongs. 

Straight Tube Bongs:

Straight Tube Bongs are second in popularity and can be found displayed in a smoke shop or your friend's place. They are straight, no nonsense bongs that are highly effective. 

Silicone Bongs:

Silicone Bongs are an upgrade on the acrylic bongs. These bongs are extremely popular these days because of their portable design and unbreakable nature. Silicone bongs are pocket friendly too. 

Cool Bongs:

Cool Bongs are designed by local glass artists which makes them limited. They feature a wide range of themes like nature, animals, characters, food, and so much more. 

Perc Bongs:

There are some bongs that use a percolator to diffuse the smoke and cool it before it hits the lungs. Perc Bongs enable massive rips with ease. 

Why Should You Opt For A Bong?

If you're uncomfortable using a hand pipe or a joint, it is time to switch to bongs. Hand pipes or joints cause direct contact of smoke. This results in harsh hits on your throat. The smoke is traveling all the way from the hot bowl to your throat. Bongs and water pipes filter the smoke by passing it through a water chamber allowing it to cool before you inhale the smoke. When the smoke comes in contact with the water it is cooled upto 40 - 50 degrees and doesn't hurt the throat. 

Users are able to consume a larger quantity of material in every hit at a higher frequency with a bong.  Though bongs are available in a myriad of shapes, styles, and materials , the core principle on which it functions remains the same. 

High-end bongs come with percolators to further diffuse the smoke. Smoke passes through several tiny holes under water in the 'diffusion' procedure. This is done using a diffused downstem or a percolator. The temperature of the smoke is reduced to enjoy continuous hits. 

What Are The Primary Components Of A Bong?

  • Mouthpiece: You will inhale from here. A variety of different shapes and styles are available. It is designed to create an airtight seal and doesn't depend on the shape of your face or mouth. 
  • Dry Herb Bowl: The herb is placed here. For an even burn, make sure the grind is even. You can check out the large collection of upgraded glass bowls that work as replacements. 
  • Joint: The bong and downstem are connected by a joint or dab nail and glass bowl or a downstem. 'Joint genders' and 'joint sizes' are mentioned on certain products like dab rigs, bongs, and glass attachments. These inform the user about the compatibility between two products. 
  • Downstem: The long glass tube that connects the bong and the bowl is a downstem. It directs the smoke into the water chamber of the bong. Downstems can be both removable or fixed. Some kind of diffusion is available with a majority of bongs. The smoke is broken down into smaller bubbles as it passes into the water chamber for cooling. You need to correctly measure the downstem before replacing it.
  • Ice Catcher:  The glass divots in a bong serve a crucial purpose. You can enjoy a smoother hit if you place a couple of ice cubes into the ice catchers.

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