Bongs Under $50

Why should you buy a cheap bong?

Apart from the limited budget, maybe the cheapskate inside yourself needs something to ensure quality but won’t empty your pocket. You will still have the desired product, and you can rest assured that everything will turn out fine if things get noisy when it comes to organizing a smoking session in your home. And if accidentally the bong gets broken, you might still need to glue the pieces of both your bong and your heart, but surely you will quickly get over it.

  • Best cheap Glass Bongs under $50

Most of the bongs we offer are made from heat-sustainable materials, which ensure safe smoking, such as borosilicate glass. The majority of bong selections are clear beaker bongs, but also you can find ones created from silicone. These two materials are easy to clean with wide mouthpieces. But if you are more of a show-off person, you can try the mini bongs that come in different colors and patterns.

Cheap bongs online essentials 

If you are searching for bongs under $50, you should know that you’ll find many, but they can also lack quality. To select the proper follow these standards:

Materials: Since the materials used for producing bongs are expensive, such as borosilicate, they usually come in small sizes like mini bongs. On the other hand, silicone has the same durability as borosilicate but is the cheapest.

Size: Smaller sizes than more expensive bongs.

Quality: If the bong is not made from reinforced borosilicate glass, it won’t last long.

Best bongs under $50

Mini Bong - High Times Mini Bong

Percolator Bong - Tri Perc Combo Bong

Beaker Bong- 2 Tone Hazy Beaker

Straight Tube Bong - The Sestina Bong

Best silicone bongs 

Silicone bongs are great if you want a durable, pretty affordable material. They are made from BPA-free, high-quality silicone. You can carry it around without the fear of breaking it.

Cheap bongs under $20

If you are looking for a cheaper version than bongs under $50, you should check out the Mini Smoke Box. But when you are already here, why won’t you look at the whole collection?

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