Nowadays, flower lovers turn to the traditional alternative of herb consumption, the most popular bubblers, or water pipes. In essence, these bingers are among the most used vaping alternatives on the market and the best option to feel the real effects of these potent flower. 

  • How to Choose the best Bubblers?


If you’re seeking a quality bubbler, it’s time to consider the glass bingers, as they’re known as the most durable, and effective bong alternatives on the market.


Thick glass bongs are non-absorbent and non-combustible
These alternatives provide users with many smoking experiences
Glass bubblers isolate the smoke flavors and offer a purer smoke experience
Easy to clean and maintain
Smoking from a glass pipe is free from toxins and bacteria


Glass bubblers are fragile and not long-lasting as others

How To Choose The Best Bubblers?

When entering the flower world and choosing the best thick glass bongs, you should keep in mind several essential things. Before buying your best alternative for a bubbler, you should always consider the size, design, and price.

How To Use A Bubbler?

The best thick glass bongs are straightforward to use for every person. You just need to plug the rush and put your mouth up to the mouthpiece. After you light the bud, you can start inhaling and enjoy the real effects of the most prominent plant.

How Durable Are Bubblers?

Depending on the type of the bongs, every bubbler has a different lifespan. We can claim that plastic and silicone bongs can often be more durable than glass bubblers and have substantial quality differences, while the thick glass bongs are the best variant.

How Do Bubblers work?

It is good to note that bubblers use water to increase the filtration within the bong. The flower smoke passes through the water pipe and over the water. It is essential to know that the water cools the smoke and provides a more comfortable fit while removing the smoke particles.

How Much Water Does A Bubbler Need?

Having the proper water amount within a bubbler is crucial for the best bong experience. It is good to know that people put 3/4s of water inside a bubbler to make their smoking more comfortable without coughing or other side effects.

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