Chillums and One Hitter

Chillums are hand pipes that are also known as 'bats' or 'one-hitters' that were primarily seen in India and were used by holy men and Hindu monks. Chillums have been around for more than thousands of years even before tobacco was introduced in India.   The popularity of chillums and...

Chillums are hand pipes that are also known as 'bats' or 'one-hitters' that were primarily seen in India and were used by holy men and Hindu monks. Chillums have been around for more than thousands of years even before tobacco was introduced in India.


The popularity of chillums and one-hitters around Asia and Eastern Europe have been associated with meditation and spirituality, however, the western population came to know about chillums during the 20th century. Chillums gained popularity for their direct and strong rips, which are more powerful than your average dry handpipe. Today you can find a variety of chillums at local head shops. They are not only a trendy hand pipe but also extremely portable.


If you are wondering what causes the heavier hit in a chillum then it's the lack of a carb. This results in less airflow control in a chillum. The bowl in a chillum will continue to burn until the flames can sustain. In order to prevent your dry herbs from falling on the ground, you must light your chillum at a 45° angle.


Chillums were traditionally designed out of clay and smoked using a closed fist. It must be positioned between your middle and ring finger. This transforms chillum into a preferred choice that can be enjoyed with your friends.


Chillums are nothing but straight forward pipes and can be the perfect choice for beginners. Not to mention the sweet transition from vaporizers. The lack of carb enables beginners to simply focus on loading, lighting, and inhaling.


Though the design and function of chillums are pretty easy, there are still a couple of features that buyers must consider before they purchase a chillum.


Chillum: What is it?


Chillums were first used by the holy men and Hindu monks in India. It resembles a small pipe. According to historians, chillums have been around for thousands of years. There is a strong connection between chillum and spirituality. It has been extremely popular throughout Eastern Europe and Asia. The western population came across one hitter or chillum in the 20th century.


Chillums vs. Hand Pipes -


Chillums are referred to as 'one - hitters' or 'bats'. If you compare chillums with different hand pipes including sherlocks and spoons you'll observe they are smaller in size. There aren't any small holes in the chillum and don't use a carburetor. You must cover the carburetor with your thumb to direct the airflow towards the mouth from the bowl. Once you remove the thumb from the carburetor, all the smoke can be inhaled and the bowl will be cleared.


You can't control the airflow in a chillum because of the lack of a carburetor and that's the reason they are called 'one-hitters'. The bowl will burn until it can sustain itself because there the airflow can't be controlled.


One must light a chillum at 45° angle in order to prevent dry herbs from falling to the floor. This happens due to the unique size of chillums. Several smokers use something round or small to ensure the herb is held in place, for example a small nut. Traditional clay chillums are smoked using a piece of cloth or a closed fist as a filter.



Size and Design:


If you're always on the move, you need something that features portability, durability, and convenience. Smaller chillums can provide you with just that. Their size enables you to conceal them with great ease and they are quite discrete. While there are users that would prefer their chillums to fit inside a pocket others can crave for one that is larger in size and takes up quite a lot of space.


Though heady pieces might appear stunning it can prove difficult to maintain around a larger group of people and end up breaking. The task of transporting a large chillum bears the risk of breakage. Fortunately, you can always replace your chillum with a brand new one for they are budget friendly. No matter what your budget, you can always find a chillum suited to your needs.


Glass Thickness -


Glass proves to be an extraordinary material when it comes to smoking your product because the taste of the smoke remains the same and is very easy to maintain and clean afterwards. Glass pieces must be cleaned after every smoking session or once a week depending on how frequently you use them.


Glass bears the risk of breakage, chips, and cracks because of its fragile nature. Some users choose thicker glass but no matter what the thickness of glass it isn't damage-proof. If you're extra cautious you can opt for a design that encases your glass in aluminum.


Loading End -


The size of the loading end depends on each user's preference. A larger loading end means you can load more product at once which will create a larger hit. However, the lack of carburetor on a chillum causes minimal control over the airflow. Using a screen can somewhat help with this issue.


Some chillums are suitable for only one hit while there are other designs that can support up to three or four hits. If you're in a group the preferred choice would be three or four hitters, on the other hand stealthy users prefer one-hitters.


Mouthpiece -


The two important features of a chillum are the size of the opening and the mouthpiece. Mouthpiece are available in a variety of sizes and shapes that means you have to find one that is comfortable for you.


A small opening can cause the smoke to slow down but you've to put in extra work just to pull through the device. Larger openings will let the smoke travel quickly through the chillum but inserting a screen can slow it down. A screen can prove beneficial by preventing the burned product from falling inside the mouthpiece.


Frequently Asked Questions -


What is a chillum?


A chillum is a hand pipe with a simple design. There is a front-loading bowl and lacks a carburetor. They are referred to as 'one-hitters' and are one of the most popular smoking devices available. Chillums can be made with a lot of different materials like wood, glass, acrylic, porcelain, and metal.


What is a glass blunt?


Glass blunts are adjustable glass tools that enable you to smoke herbs or tobacco. A variety of glass blunts are available including those that function on push or twist mechanisms. Users prefer glass blunt because they guarantee reusability and ease of use.


How do you clean a chillum?


Clean your chillum the same manner you would clean a glass piece. Soak it in pipe cleaning product or an isopropyl alcohol for more than 15 minutes. Follow this with a toothbrush or a pipe cleaner.




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