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Dab Rigs are nothing but devices designed to filter the concentrates used for consumption or 'dabs'. The popularity of Dab Rigs have increased in the recent years due to the rise in access to concentrates throughout the United States as well as internationally.  Dab Rigs: How Do They Work? Dab...

Dab Rigs are nothing but devices designed to filter the concentrates used for consumption or 'dabs'. The popularity of Dab Rigs have increased in the recent years due to the rise in access to concentrates throughout the United States as well as internationally. 

Dab Rigs: How Do They Work?

Dab Rigs cool the vapor that is produced by using water. It places a 'dab' of concentrates on top of the hot 'dab nail'. The dab nail functions as a melting pot. You simply inhale by placing your lips on the mouthpiece. The suction will allow you to draw the vapor into the dab ring which passes down the downstream and goes into the water chamber. The water chamber works as a radiator. It will cool the hot vapor to a comfortable temperature that is easier on on your lungs when you inhale. 

The primary feature of dab rigs is to offer some kind of diffusion that will enable the vapor to pass through a multitude of submerged, small holes. This will result in beautiful, tiny bubbles. The bubbles will allow the vapor to come into contact with the water. It results in an effective and faster cooling time which wouldn't be the case with one massive vapor bubble. Another benefit of this is the inside of your glass won't be coated in unused concentrate. 

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing A Dab Rig Online?

Go through the extensive collection of Dab Rigs available at TokePlanet and pick any style. The popular options available are Mini Rigs, Classic Dab Rigs, Silicone Dab Rigs, Nectar Collectors, Dab Pens, and e-Rigs

Take a look at the styles offered.

Digital or Analog:

You can finally have a Bluetooth dab. There are dabbers who enjoy the process of using a dab torch to heat the quartz banger nail and time their dabs with precision and care while others opt for the modern dabbers that feature portability, efficiency, and convenience. We are obviously discussing about digital E-Rig solutions - the G-Pen Connect, Pulsar RoK, Puffco Peak. 

At Home or Portability: 

Choose a dab rig that fits your need. You can now enjoy your dab on the beach, in the park, somewhere on a mountain, or in the comforts of your own home. In case you wish to dab right at your home, the options available to you are endless. A classic dab rig featuring a quartz banger nail can be the perfect choice for you, however, if you don't trust your maintenance skills go for a silicone dab rig.

In case you're always on the move, choose an E-Rig or nectar collector. It will deliver convenience and portability. You can take dabs straight out of a silicone has with a nectar collector. It works as a long dab straw. On the other hand, you will enjoy a unique digital dabbing experience with an E-Rig. It's a complete package with temperature control dabbing, easy maintenance, and water filtration. 

How Often Do You Dab?

If you're a regular dabber, you need to pick something that is suitable for your daily needs and can withstand the regular use. Choose a dab rig that you can clean with ease because if you continue dabbing using a dirty rig it will lead to health complications not to mention it's gross. TokePlanet delivers a range of glass cleaning solutions for maintaining your dab rigs. 

You should remember that glass is subjected to damage because they are fragile regardless of their built. 

What Kind Of Tools Are Necessary For Dabbing?

You will need a couple of accessories when it comes to dabbing. Here are the things that you require to enjoy an ultimate experience.

Dab Nails:

Dab Nails are a must. They are available in a wide range of materials and styles. The most commonly available one is the 'Quartz Banger Nail'.

Dab Torch:

Dab Torch will heat up the glass dab, quartz, or titanium ceramic before you can use it. Check our exclusive collection of Dab Torches to get the desirable color, size, and flame style. 

Carb Cab:

The vapor will be contained within the dab nail if you use a carb cab. This will enable you to make the most of low temp dabbing. You will be able to experience maximum flavor and tarpene profile using a carb cab. 


You can use a dabber to transfer your concentrates from its container right into your dab nail. A wide variety of dabbers are available in different colors, sizes, and tip styles enabling competence with all kinds of concentrates. 


In order to enjoy a healthy dabbing experience, you need to keep your rig clean especially the dab nail. The life of your banger nail's q-tip depends on how you maintain it. 

Are Dab Rigs Different From Bongs?

The most impressive thing about a dab rig has to be its compact size. There is a good reason behind the small size of a dab rig.  A specific temperature range is required in a dab rig for consumption. In case the vapor becomes too hot, the terpene profile in the concentrate will burn and ruin the flavor and if it is too cold, before you inhale it the concentrate will solidify resulting in wastage. When you choose a smaller rig the airflow will be quick and cooling time will be faster. The vapor will cool down quickly and move faster still won't settle on the glass. 

Dabbers can experience dense vapor and thick consistency with the articulate pathways and water chambers. 

You can now purchase fast cooling, highly functional dab rigs that are available in a variety of shapes, designs, material, sizes, themes, smoke styles, and attachments. TokePlanet has a large collection of dag rigs to fit your style of consumption. 

Recycler Rig: What Is It?

A recycler rig uses water chambers and pathways that are placed carefully to create a loop allowing the same vapor to be filtered several times preventing overcooling before it's inhaled. 

The recycler designs feature everything from propellor percs to venturi chambers. This is fine in order to deliver more flavorful and potent dab. Browse our assortment of premium quality recycler rigs and pick the one that meets your dabbing needs. 

What's An E-Rig?

The battery powered, all-in-one dab rigs are called as E-Rigs. The 'Smart-Rigs' or E-Rigs replace your dabbing tools - dab nail, glass dab rig, and dab torch with one rechargeable, portable device. The electronic dab rigs have gained popularity over the years because of its features and affordable price range. 

E-Rigs are an advanced version of 'e-nails'. The electronic dab nails are a/c powered. They are a better version of dab torch and feature temperature controlled digital heating element. It is ready for use when you're. E-Nails are extremely convenient for your home. However, if you are planning to enjoy dabbing on the move, a complete E-Rig solution is best suited for you. 

What Are A Dab Rig's Main Parts?


You'll inhale from here. A variety of shapes and styles are available that create an airtight seal regardless of the shape of your face or mouth. 

Dab Nail: 

The Dab Nail is heated using a dab torch. This creates a melting dish for the concentrates. The dab must be placed on the nail for it to be vaporized instantly and using the joint the vapor is inhaled. 


The dab nail and dab rig are connected by a joint. You will come across the terms 'joint genders' and 'joint sizes' on specific products like dab rigs, bongs, and glass attachments. They define whether or not two products are compatible enough to create an airtight connection. In order to use a joint as a water pipe, you must insert a dry herb bowl or dab nail. 


The effect created by 'percolators' is referred to as diffusion. A series of openings are strategically placed along a glass tube through which vapor or smoke is filtered inside a water chamber. Your vapor is then broken down into bubbles, allowing them to cool faster. This procedure takes place inside a dab rig or a bong. 

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