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An extended version of E-liquid Vaporizers, desktop and tabletop vaporizers, last longer and give uninterrupted smoke sessions perfect for your extended vaping needs. Desktop vaporizers connect via a plug power source directly and reduce the hassles of charging the batteries now and then. Connection to a direct power source extensively heats the coil and wick, giving prolonged smoke intensity and a better overall experience. Since desktop and tabletop vaporizers have a large bowl, it is suitable for heavy smokers who crave long and intense smoke sessions. Most of these vaporizers contain ceramic heating elements, which heat up quickly and dissolve the flavor or herbs better.

With the help of high-quality large whip and digital controls, desktop and tabletop vaporizers give complete control over the heat and flavor settings, making them suitable for all types of vapers. People often resort to such conventional vapes because of high performance and low maintenance standards. As most smoke sessions happen in the house, this is the perfect choice over small and portable vapes.

  • Is a desktop or tabletop vaporizer right for you?

Well, sure! Who wouldn't love prolonged smoke sessions giving an extended feeling of uninterrupted relaxation and euphoria? While portable vapes are catching attention, desktop or tabletop vaporizers will always be the first choice for heavy smokers. Due to the improved and high-quality heating mechanism, the herbs and the flavors dissolve better, leaving no residue behind. Some desktop vaporizers like the Ditanium vaporizers have individual compartments for your herbs and flavors. This enables the users to combine any two herbs or flavors of their choice and increase the feeling of euphoria to the maximum. Again, for heavy smokers only. The intensity of the smoke can vary depending upon the heat settings and the types of herbs used. Smoke it up champs! 

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