Water Pipes & Hand Pipes for Smoking

With experimental results backing the medicinal and recreational uses of herb, people increasingly rely on it as an alternative to traditional medicines. Consequently, this industry keeps developing new and improved items for their consumers’ leisure.

However, a relatively long-standing piece of equipment for smoking flower is a glass pipe. Even today, these pipes are among the most convenient devices for dry herb smoking. As their name suggests, they feature durable glass, making them long-lasting and shatterproof to an extent.

Such attributes make glass pipes a fan favorite. Nevertheless, before you dive into the process of buying a suitable one, you should learn its ins and outs.

  • Advantages of Glass Pipes

Apart from versatility, convenience, and portability, glass pipes are awesome in other aspects as well. Some benefits of using glass pipes for smoking include:

Easy To Clean

One of the best things about glass pipes is how easy it is to clean them. As long as you remember to maintain them regularly, they’ll remain in pristine condition for months. 

Not to mention, you can use various cleaning methods and products, including acetone, isopropyl alcohol, salt, and other mixtures. So, it’s not a hassle to care for the pipe, and in turn, it’ll keep that “brand new item” shine.

Intricate Designs

Many glass pipes sport modern visual flare, adding to their overall appeal. That’s why many enthusiasts stick to them without faltering - they look stylish and classic.

The Gradual Changes in the Pipe

Another valuable attribute of glass pipes is how they gradually change as you use them. After a while, they become smokier, and it is also interesting to witness your pipe modify its color over time.

Pure Flavors

Many smokers prefer glass pipes because they allow the pure flavor of the herbs to shine through. Unlike wood pipes, glass doesn’t interfere with the natural aroma of the herbs. Hence, purists avoid any other material.

Better Heat Capacity

For all smoking equipment, their heat capacity is the primary factor to keep an eye on. By nature, glass has a very high heating capacity. Therefore, it won’t overheat quickly or prematurely char your herbs. 

Many smokers prefer glass pipes because they allow the pure flavor of the herbs to shine through. Unlike wood pipes, glass doesn’t interfere with the natural aroma of the herbs. Hence, purists avoid any other material.

Types of Glass Pipes

To choose a suitable glass pipe, you need to first learn about the available variations. Commonly, glass pipes come in five styles, each of which has unique features.

Sherlock Pipes

Named after the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, these pipes have a bowl for holding the herbs on one end. Meanwhile, they feature a long stem and curved design. Sometimes this pipe may come with a carburetor, too.


This pipe is a hybrid that bridges the differences between a bong and a smoking pipe. Bubblers have a small, portable size, but you can add a small amount of water to them, which filters the smoke and cools it before it hits your throat.


Chillums are the most straightforward hand pipes as they are light and keep the dry herb packed on one end. However, they don’t feature a carburetor. These are the smallest glass pipes and only allow you to smoke a meager amount at a time.


Steamrollers are the most compound smoking pipes and the most challenging to use. These are similar in structure to chillums and feature a front-facing carburetor and a bowl on one end.

Spoon Glass Pipes

Spoon pipes are the most popular hand pipes, given their sleek structure. They use a small bowl on one end and a carburetor. The carburetor aids you to inhale better and prevents the accumulation of stale smoke in the pipe.

What to Look for When Buying Glass Pipes Online

In this day and age, people often rely on online shopping. You can find many online stores selling glass pipes of different types, making various claims. So, it’s not hard to get lost among all the ads, forgetting what it was you were looking for in the first place.

For directions, we have rounded up the basic things you need to look out for when buying a glass pipe online.

Size & Portability

Glass pipes are available in various shapes and sizes. Depending on your taste, choose a pipe that will provide your usual requirements. Glass pipes range from pocket-sized pipes to full-size set-ups. So, opt between discreetness and portability.

Reliable Brand

Online shopping comes with some caveats due to its remoteness. Given that there is no personal interaction between the vendor and the buyer, it is hard to determine the genuineness of a product. Hence, order from a reliable brand or vendor to avoid becoming victims of foul play.

Functionality and Pipe Style

Another critical thing to watch out for is the functionality of your pipe. Not all glass pipes will be adjustable as much as one would like. To avoid such disappointments, pay attention to this before making the purchase. 

Price Point

Lastly, a significant factor to consider is that the pipe you choose fits your budget. After all, glass pipes are breakable items: a fact you cannot avoid. Therefore, when you buy a glass pipe, don’t go out of your way and keep your expenses in check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- How to clean glass pipes?

Cleaning glass pipes is a relatively easy task. You can conveniently use any cleaning product to clean your hand pipe regularly, including rubbing alcohol. Compared to other smoking pipes, glass pipes are relatively low-maintenance and undemanding.

Q2- How does a glass pipe work?

Irrespective of the type of glass pipe you use, they all primarily work the same way. Most pipes (except chillums) feature a bowl on one end that holds the dry herb. Next to the bowl, most pipes have a small carb hole that you need to cover with your finger and let go of when you inhale.


Searching for a glass pipe that fits your needs requires some “know-how” beforehand. However, if you come to terms with the basic principles, the task becomes a lot more straightforward. 

Generally, you should look for high-quality glass pipes within a reasonable price range. Also, look for known brands to maximize your chances of getting more value for your buck. 

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