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If you want to enjoy smoking your herbs, large glass bongs can be quite the hassle. Not to mention they can be easily broken, and that is something you want to avoid at all costs, as they are pretty pricey to replace. But there is an excellent alternative to the large glass bongs that will provide you with the same experience, and those are mini bongs. They are great if you are on the more adventurous side and want to go out and smoke. Just pack it up in your backpack and go explore nature.

  • Benefits of Mini Bongs

They Are Very Convenient

These bongs' ultra-compact size makes them ideal for on-the-go smoking and super easy to clean. Mini bongs are suitable for sharing with your friends as they are no more than six inches tall and very lightweight. You can easily fit them in your backpack, large purse, or travel bag. Mini bongs are even better for traveling because they require little maintenance and have no removable parts that could be lost or damaged.

Aesthetically Pleasing

An adorable bong of the size of a coke can not deter anyone, and even casual smokers will be prepared to get ripped. It is also the ideal size and weight for passing around amongst friends.

Great Smoking Experience

Smokers seem to be surprised when they try a mini bong for the first time because, despite its small size, it packs a mighty bowl for some unforgettable bong hits. With the right bong and a bowl, you can still get that excellent water filtration for smooth, huge hits that large bongs are known for. You will not have to worry about your heavy and expensive piece being broken by accident during your next smoking session.

Things to Consider When Buying Mini Bongs

The Thickness of the Glass

The thickness of the glass is essential because it determines how long your bong will last. Obviously, the thicker the bong, the better, but also consider the environment in which it will be used. The thinnest glass is 2-3mm thick, with 3-5mm the average thickness. Then 5-7mm glass is quite thick and difficult to break.


The smoothness it provides from filtration, and the amount of drag it provides from pulling smoking through the tiny holes are the two things you look for in a percolator. You do not need a percolator if you are new to bongs and smoking, but they are nice to have.

Price of a Mini Bong

Because of their small size, mini bongs are much more affordable than big water pipes, which makes them ideal as a backup piece or for first-time bong buyers. Some of them are available for as little as $5.

Even a small bong or pipe, on the other hand, can be costly if it is of good quality. There is a wide range of prices available, from low to high. These items can cost up to $200. Consider how much you spend on your smoking accessories and how much you smoke on a regular basis before buying a mini bong.

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