Percolator Bongs

When we started our research on whether percolator bongs are better than regular ones, we found countless confusing articles with long words and all the technical things no one will ever need to read. Ever!

Therefore, we decided to keep our research for ourselves, spill out only the important facts and features you should know, and let you enjoy it in peace.

You surely are familiar with these devices in their traditional form. But, the purpose of this article is to explore percolators and how they work. So, let’s start with some basic information.

  • Types of percolator bongs

You can find percolators in numerous proportions and shapes. However, you should know that their shape and design aren’t just stylish features. On the contrary, they impact the bong’s working method.
Here are some of the most popular percolator bongs:
1- Inline
2- Tree
3- Showerhead
4- Swiss
5- Barrel
6- Coil
7- Honeycomb
8- Matrix


We know that many experienced smokers want to go old-style and think that additional instruments are unnecessary. However, even veterans know that adding perc in the bong can smooth things and make the smoke easier for consumption.
Smoking from this popular instrument makes the herb much more potent than using some other equipment. However, percolators actually add more space for the smoke to go through. Thus it will lose a bit on the effect.

Thanks to the perc, the smoke will cool down, and you avoid those weird splashing into your mouth. Moreover, you’ll get additional filtering, which is always cool.

What percolators do and how they work

So here’s the deal–a percolator practically is an additional chamber, usually placed in the bong tube. The purpose of the perc is to cool down the smoke you’re about to inhale so that you get a smoother hit.
Because of the pressure, the perc will create more bubbles, eventually making the draw less irritating.

Percolators vs. Regular Bongs

As we said, percolator bongs filter and cool the smoke, but you’ll get a weaker hit compared to inhaling from a regular one. However, since you’ll get smoother and cooler rips, you’ll be able to smoke longer and take deep breaths.

You should know that you can add perc to your regular bong. However, you’ll need one of those that disassembles, or you can try the more hassle-free way and buy a percolator bong.

Even though it seems like these instruments are more complicated to clean than standard bongs because of the extra chamber, percolator bongs can give you a smoother hit and more enjoyable ride.

How to clean your bong?

We read some articles online claiming that cleaning percolator bongs is difficult. We strongly disagree.

To keep your bong clean, you only have to use a salt and rubbing alcohol mixture. Also, you can try some cleaning solutions for glass. Pour the mixture into the mouth, cover the open areas, and shake. That’s all! You can repeat the steps until the bong is completely clean.

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