Thick Glass Bongs

The ultimate smoking experience isn’t always limited to what you’re smoking, but also how you’re smoking it. And when it comes to glass bongs, thicker is always better.

Thick glass bongs are by far more reliable than your regular store-bought bongs. Their thickness and quality are the ultimate reinsurance that when you find “the one,” it’ll be guaranteed to stick around forever.

The thickness of the bong’s glass can be vital in providing the ultimate quality. But apart from thickness, material quality and a skillful glassblower are also a must if you want to purchase a long-lasting top-notch bong.

  • Why Choose a Thick Glass Bongs?

The glass thickness is the ultimate factor that contributes to a bong’s durability and weight. And if you're a frequent smoker, you'd want your next bong to last you for quite a while. So whether you're clumsy or often enjoy a puff with a wide circle of friends, opting for a more durable alternative is crucial.

Given the better strength and quality, thick glass bongs are often more expensive, but a durable solution for your needs is always more cost-effective than buying a new pipe every month. And while you’re treating yourself with a more expensive product, you can also choose from a greater variety of types and designs.

Types of Thick Glass Bongs

Similar to conventional bongs, thick glass bongs also come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs. Therefore, you can choose from a mind-blowing variety and even use your bong’s design as a conversation topic for your next session.

Once you’ve decided on a more premium option, you get to choose between beaker base bongs, straight tubed ones, percolators, bongs with multiple chambers, recycler bongs, and many other alternatives for your preferences. But regardless of your favorite type, make sure that the thickness of your next bong follows your tendency of breaking it.

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