Water Pipe and Bongs

It is exciting how old traditional enjoyment alternatives are still present in this world. People seeking tranquility and relaxation from the potent cannabis plant discovered too many consumption methods, but none of them can compare with the ancient alternative for smoking weed.  In the past, humans have used simple old...

It is exciting how old traditional enjoyment alternatives are still present in this world. People seeking tranquility and relaxation from the potent cannabis plant discovered too many consumption methods, but none of them can compare with the ancient alternative for smoking weed. 

In the past, humans have used simple old bamboo tubes to enjoy the effects of marijuana through smoking and vaping. After that, those tubes were replaced with the perfectly-made smoking weed method. Some people call it a binger, bubble, or billy, while all cannabis lovers know it as a bong or water pipe. 

Bongs are similar to hookahs, excellent to feel the real effect of marijuana through a hose. This smoking weed alternative has been present for centuries, and it will always be for its convenience and water filtration benefits. Stay focused and learn more about these fantastic smoking peals. 

Beginners Guide: What to Look Before Buying Bongs and Water Pipes?

Suppose you know these excellent smoking alternatives with incredible effects, and you want to choose only the best bongs and water pipes online for sale. It is time to invest in your enjoyment and satisfaction, so for that reason, we recommend you follow our lead.


Every person should be able to enjoy the benefits of these smokable hookahs. From that point on, finding an affordable bong or water pipe is always a wise step for your experience. The high price is not always an indicator of quality, so choose wisely without wasting money on overpriced water pipes. 


If you’re a newbie in the bong world, maybe you don’t know that these bongs come in many different materials. We can say that bongs made from glass are overwhelmingly famous among users, while they’re durable and very easy to clean. Some bongs are made from acrylic material, and they are the cheapest on the market and excellent for a start. 

When buying bongs and water pipes online, you should always know the material and determine whether the price is compatible with the quality. 

Reliable Transport

Reliable shipment is entirely essential when you want to buy a bong online. Suppose you don’t want to wait for your delivery for a month or two and the order to come in shattered pieces. For that purpose, choosing the best online sites and tracking your order is always a wise idea for a better experience in the bong space. 

Types of Bongs

Straight-Tube Bongs

These water pipes are simple and straightforward. They have a tube attached to the outside of the bong. The weed is placed into the tube, and you can just simply light it up!

Beaker-Shaped Bongs

It is essential to know that this type is very similar to straight-tube bongs. The main difference is the button which is flared into a cone shape. It gives the shape of a beaker, and that’s the primary purpose of the given name. 

Carburetor Bong

If you choose a bong with a hole in the middle, you should know that that bong is a carburetor bong. It is good to know that millions of people enjoy this bong because they believe it provides a stronger hit. 

Multi-Chamber Bong

This is a slight variation of the first type of bong or the straight tube bong. This bong distinguishes itself from others for its tube is divided into two separate chambers connected by another chamber. This feature means that the smoke will be smoother and cooler.

Percolator Bong

We can say that a percolator bong comes in a variety of shapes. This type of bong is unique in the percolator - a glass piece responsible for dispelling the smoke before going through the water. Here, it creates a bubbling effect, which can promote better filtration and cooling process. 

Homemade Bongs

Yes, you read it well. These bongs have been used for many decades. If a person wants to make a bong for himself, he can use any material he wants. It is essential to know that pop bottles are used for creating a homemade bong. 

How Does Bong Work?

Bongs use water to filter up the smoke. The main attraction to a bong is water filtration, filtering the smoke through a process called effervescence. First, the chamber catches and channels the smoke and also holds the water inside the bong. Despite the chamber reservoir, neck, and carb or clutch hole, there is a downstream or bowl pipe. This socket pipe serves to direct smoke into the chamber, and also this pipe holds the bud bowl. 

A bud bowl or weed socket on the bong holds the bud when it gets burnt and directs the smoke. As a significant part of the bong, the base keeps the whole machine and process upright. But you know what? This is not a bong yet. For a bong to be ready for smoking, you also need weed, cannabis, marijuana, herbs, or other favorite compounds, add some water in the chamber reservoir and just inhale. 

The first step for preparing the bong is covering the mouthpiece and the clutch hole. Then flame on the bud bowl. It is essential to know that breathing in a vacuum within the chamber makes the vacuum displace the water. This always creates a second vacuum in the downstem that sucks the flame into the bud bowl, burning the bud and pulling the smoke downwards. This process pulls the smoke into the chamber repeatedly to relieve the constant vacuum pressure. Breathing in keeps the vacuum working to feel the chamber with smoke. 

Features of Bongs

Bongs are a fantastic option for enjoying the benefits of the potent weed strains. These exclusively-made smoking assets are perfect for inhaling your favorite herb or other compounds. Since ancient times, bongs have been present in the cannabis world for providing people with the greatest enjoyment and most profound relaxation. These cannabis inhalators can not be replaceable with other vape carts, joints, or weed alternatives. 

It is essential to know that this type of narghile always comes with different prices depending on the quality, material, and shipment. And design, of course. When discussing the best bongs and water pipes online for sale, we must mention that these water pipes have a diverse range of designs, so they can be very convenient to use for every person and each flavor. 

Most of the bongs, especially those with tough material, are long-lasting and many also come with a lifetime warranty. This means that smoking weed from these cannabis inhalation assistants can be pretty beneficial and cheap. You can also add accessories to these water pipes and make your cannabis journey pure and unforgettable. 

Accessories for Bongs

If you’re a person who wants to start with the use of these great water pipes, here are the most commonly used accessories for these inhalation machines. 


People often confuse percolators with ash catchers, but they’re pretty different. It is good to know that percolators appear to be the main part of the bong, while the ash catcher is something added. 

Ash catchers

If you’re a person who wants to keep the bong clear and prevent the ash from going into the water, you should consider having an ash catcher. You can add this piece at the steam of the bong and make sure that the bowl is attached to the ash catcher.


If you’re a dab enjoyer, then you should buy yourself this bong accessory. It is essential to know that bangers transform regular bongs into dab rigs. These bangers are made from quartz and are capable of resisting extremely high temperatures. 

Glass Bowls

These glass bowls deserve special consideration because they can ultimately influence your smoking experience. You can upgrade bigger bowls, or you can simply choose the size of the hole. 

Res Caps

Res caps appear as valuable pieces that always prevent the bong water from spilling during movement or transportation. If you know what smell bongs can have, you will entirely understand the importance of these res caps. 

Despite the accessories mentioned above, you can also have grinders, nails, bowl screens, and diffused downstems.

Bong Materials

Metal Bongs 

Essential Features

  • Extremely durable
  • Very affordable price
  • Perfect for adding accessories to them
  • Not very recommended among users

Glass Bongs

Essential Features

  • Highly recommended among users
  • The most popular types of bongs
  • Excellent design
  • Perfect and pure taste
  • Best performance
  • Easy to find

Silicone Bongs

Essential Features

  • Nearly unbreakable
  • Easy to fold up
  • They are dishwasher safe
  • Come with a lifetime warranty
  • Extremely affordable
  • Many colors and designs

Acrylic Bongs

Essential Features

  • Made from very hard plastic material
  • Come in a variety of sizes 
  • Cheap and affordable for everyone
  • Hard to accessorize
  • These bongs impact the excellent flavor of weed
  • Not very recommendable among users

Ceramic Bongs

Essential Features

  • Old school bongs
  • Provide an excellent smoking experience
  • Smooth flavor and massive rips
  • Extremely durable
  • Less sensitive to changes in temperature
  • Easy to find
  • Extremely creative designs
  • Affordable price and good quality
  • Highly recommended for people who look after diversity

Plastic Bongs

Essential Features

  • They are inexpensive
  • Plastic is strong, so these bongs are durable
  • Harder to clean compared to glass bongs
  • It might promote odor or impact the good taste of the compounds within
  • Less hygienic
  • Less pleasant for smoking

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Clean My Bong?

Your bong should always be clean and ready for the next hit. In order to clean your bong, first, you must take out all removable parts and accessories. It is always recommended to pour 91% isopropyl alcohol within the bong and coarse salt. You should shake it for less than five minutes and wash it with water and soap. 

How Can I Choose The Right Bong For Me?

You should always first find out what size fits your performance the most. Here, it is also essential to look after affordable prices and high quality. It is also crucial to find a fast and reliable delivery without waiting for your bong for weeks. We must add that you should always look after the material and consider that it will be a quality one. 

What Are Bongs Used For?

A Billy, Bingler, Bubbler, or the most common name - Bond- is used to smoke the most potent cannabis compound and enjoy the most significant benefits from the deep inhalation. Used for centuries, the bong has been extremely popular among weed lovers, providing them with a feeling of complete relaxation and profound and long-lasting effects.

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