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Pre Sale Questions

A bong is a device that allows you to smoke dried herbs, tobacco, or cannabis in a better composition. First, the bowl is topped up with smoking herbs, when you inhale, the air is released through the mouthpiece which creates smoke providing the user with smoother and cooler puffs.

A vaporizer is an electronic smoking device that heats the substance you load on it until it becomes a vapor.
A vaporizer is used for e-liquids, aromatherapy oils, and cannabis concentrates. By gently heating the material electrically, you reduce the harmful effects of smoke. This vapor is absorbed by the lungs when you inhale and goes directly into the bloodstream.
Metal pipes are non-toxic and have no known health risks. They are perfectly safe to smoke and will offer you excellent results. The melting point of the metal is high, and you can only hold your lighter around your pipe for a few seconds. They are also quite effective at preventing clogs from entering the stem, shank, and draught hole. Metal screens are incredibly versatile and relatively affordable.
For a softer and gentler smoking experience, use glass bongs to filter and cool dry herbs or marijuana. They're also equipped with internal percolators to produce the smoke smoother. Many users like the quality of glass as it is more heat resistant. It also prevents you from wasting any tobacco while smoking.
Dab rigs are pipes similar to a bong designed for inhalation of wax, oils, or dabs. It's a pipe-like tool made of glass, attached to a nail or banger, that is used for dabbing in the place of a regular traditional bowl.
Bongs use water to cool and filter the smoke from lighting dried herbs but, it's not safe to smoke in public places or under the influence of alcohol. They can effectively remove toxin components of marijuana smoke, while allowing THC through relatively intact, protecting you from the health risks of smoking.
Ash catchers are designed to hold ash, cool the smoke and reduce the amount of tar that gets into the main chamber of the water pipes. They are a container that catches nasty residue and other grime, offering you better-tasting rips from your bong.
Bongs are used to smoke dried flowers, tobacco, and herbs, whereas dab rigs are used to consume concentrates such as oil, wax, and honey. The distinction between a dab rig and a bong is by the size and its shape. When smoking dried flowers or herbs, you need a more substantial piece with numerous percolators for optimum filtration and cooling effect. A small dab rig is a great option to try. It is because a small dab rig keeps the smoke condensed and milky. Instead of directly lighting your herb, a dab rig involves inhaling dabs of concentrated plants and herbs.
A grinder is a device used to break down cannabis into small bits for smoother bowls or roll it in rolling paper and blunt wrappers. Smoking grinders will help you grind your herbs and tobacco to a perfect consistency for a smoother smoke. Whether you are smoking a joint, blunt, bong, pipe, or vaporizer, a grinder is an essential stoner accessory for enjoying your cannabis at its best.
Rolling papers are usually sold in cardboard packs and are an affordable, classic way to smoke your favorite herb. They are made of fibrous materials like rice and hemp. They are organic and have a slow burn rate, making them ideal for blunts or joints. It is also known as blanks and is used to wrap cannabis.
In marijuana culture, dabbing is a method of consuming high concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a stimulant compound found in cannabis. This concentrated substance is obtained by a chemical process of extracting oils from the cannabis plant using butane oil.
A specially designed glass bong is also referred to as an "oil rig". It is used to generate smoke inhaling dabs. The dab is placed on the "nail" and then the wax is heated with a blowtorch, which produces a vapor that is inhaled.

Technical Questions

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An authorized online head shop will always offer high-quality products with the latest technological solutions. The best online head shop ensures that your product is not inspected or compromised at any point during the shipment. Also, the authentic online head shops have vaping experts who can answer all your queries.
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