Boo Glass Upright Bubbler w/Colored Perc

Boo Glass Upright Bubbler w/Colored Perc

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Category: Bubblers, Popular products, Scientific Glass Pipes

Vendor: Boo Glass

Color: Clear
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Height: 9.5 inches
Width: 3 inches
Material: Borosilicate glass

Special Features:
dope-blue-check Thick Base
dope-blue-check Percolator
dope-blue-check Dewar’s Joint
dope-blue-check Bent Neck
dope-blue-check Flared Mouthpiece
dope-blue-check Elevated Bowl

Color Options: Blue, Green, Clear

Upright Bubbler Perc - Grey Wall

Sophistication shines from this simple yet powerful design. The Upright Reti Perc Bubbler stands like a fine whiskey glass with its crystal cut percolator. Bubbles climb and each inhale is cleansed as you pull from the casually arched mouthpiece. The highly intelligent shape rests naturally in the palm of your hand as it accompanies you from back-patio to bedroom.

Its reinforced two-prong Dewar’s joint keeps this sidekick intact; even when butterfinger friends come for a visit. The sturdy upright bubbler stands on a thick and wide flare base for added durability. Boo Glass’s borosilicate bubbler rises above the rest for its main show: a dazzling reti perc that rests beneath a fixed rich-hued downstem. Simply swap the male bowl slide for a male banger nail to instantly upgrade this device to dab rig status. Its upright 90-degree stature keeps hot concentrates from dripping, unlike your average bubbler. Which color suits your style?

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