RAW Bamboo King Size Six Shooter Cone Filler

RAW Bamboo King Size Six Shooter Cone Filler

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Sometimes just one cone needs to be filled, and sometimes the occasion calls for 6! The Six Shooter is up for the job either way. Remove the top and select the number of cones to fill: 1, 2, or 3. Dial the plate to show the matching amount of slots and insert the cones. If 6 cones is the goal, just take the plate out entirely to reveal the 6 holes. Once the papers are inserted, dump that fresh ground product right on top. Bang the Shooter on a hard surface at least 10 times to pack the flower evenly in each cone. Once the cones are properly filled, take the cap off and flip it upside down. Then place the Six Shooter right on top of the upside-down cap. This pushes the filled cones up so they can be finished off. Use the included wood packing tool to pack any loose bits, and twist each joint shut to close it off.


  • SIX SHOOTER | The RAW Six Shooter is a cone filling device that makes packing cones with ground product a quick and easy process. Load 1, 2, 3, or 6 pre-rolled cones into it, load in the flower and smack it firmly against a hard surface to create perfect cones in seconds.
  • KING SIZE | This Six Shooter is compatible with kingsize cones. This size is great for solo smoke sessions or passing around the circle with friends. Use the king size Six Shooter to roll up your personal stash.
  • BAMBOO | The standard Six Shooter has been elevated with this new bamboo design! Made from sustainable materials, it has a lovely light wood finish and feels like a quality product.
  • MAGNETIC CLOSURE | The bamboo version also has an upgraded closure system. This piece has a magnetic dial that turns to select the number of cones to fill. It snaps into place as it moves into each new slot.
  • RAW | RAW is known for their quality rolling papers and increasingly wide selection of innovative rolling and smoking accessories. The Six Shooter is a classic cone filler that makes filling cones quick and painless.
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